Aug 2, 2016



  • I like my job. It's the perfect job for an introvert who still enjoys people contact without the 'in person' aspect to it. You see I tend to rather shy in person so I come off as a bitch. That is until I get to know you.  So instead I get to talk to people all day from my basement. Perfect!  What I don't like is how we are being expected to do so much more while our commissions are being cut. That's why I only like my job now rather then loving it. 
  • I haven't really been able to play a lot in my studio lately as my hands have been acting up. And right when I am in the middle of knotting up a long pearl necklace. Then I will be making up a pair of earrings using those gorgeous ceramic drops from Scorched Earth
  • I am so excited!  I was lucky enough to have my name drawn Art Bead Scene's monthly challenge for this design. The prize is a $50 gift certificate to Bay Moon Design. I am having so much fun browsing Kathy's jewelry and handmade focals. 
  • And then on Tuesday in the midst of a nasty headache that later turned into a migraine, one of my favorite ceramic artisans, Michelle McCarthy of Firefly Design Studio  was holding a Facebook show and she was holding a contest. So of course I entered.  And I won!  I was able to choose any one item. I have a pair of starfish charms that will be heading my way. I think that I am going to make myself some earrings. 


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