Aug 24, 2016


  • It's been a fairly quiet week except for our potluck.  We didn't end up with the usual group as one of my best friends and her husband were rear-ended on Friday.  Everyone's okay but they didn't feel like going out.  Makes perfect sense.
  •  I just love fresh flowers and if I had my way, I would also have a few bouquets around the house.  Too bad they are so expensive.  Ah well.  I indulge myself on our potluck days though.

  • I also have found that I really enjoy the Prisma app.  It's great for modifying my pics.
  • Arg. I think that it's time that I start investigating a dentist. I have another tooth in trouble & apparently this one has a root because it hurts. Just hoping to put it off until September because that is when my sick leave bank is refilled. Oh and because of my fear of dentists. 
  • I have always wondered why someone would choose to become a dentist. I know that I wouldn't want to part of one of the most feared professions and always be working in troubled mouths. 


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