Sep 7, 2016

Art Headpins Part 2 & Other Jewelry

Yes I know that I normally post a Ramblings on Wednesday but it has been a rather dull week with the high points being the times I don't have either a headache or a migraine. Or both. On the plus side however, my hands are doing better so I finished off the jewelry for the Art Headpins hop. 


This is what I had started with. 


And I ended up with two pair of earrings and a necklace. This pair features some ceramic headpins from Sophia Tory and some cool crystals that change color from Amber to pink depending on the light. 


This fun pair features polymer headpins from JKD Studio, pewter links and silver Swarovski Roundelles.  This pair is currently for sale.  


And finally a mixed metal necklace perfect for layering. I am ashamed to say that I am not sure who made this lovely lampwork headpin.  The lovely polymer beads are from Humblebeads


And because I was on an earring kick, I also made up a couple pairs for a girlfriend. 


Now to just get them mailed out. 


  1. Some beauties! I especially like that first pair of earrings, but they're all great.


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