Sep 14, 2016


  • Well I have my first Red Hatter name. I am now the Contessa of Carnivore Recovery. Felt that it fits with my habit of rescuing animals. 
  • Ordered the cake for the Pagan Potluck. Why it it that in store bakeries have all kinds of cute designs for kids birthdays but none for adults?  Oh I could have gotten a cute one for a baby shower but had to choose a generic one for a birthday. Talk about age discrimination. 
  • Speaking of birthdays. I want to wish my husband a wonderful 50th birthday. Love you babe. 
  • I am getting really tired of being tired after only six hours at work. It's not like I have a physical job but I think the fatigue part of my fibro is getting worse. 
  • Well I am ready for fall now with copper nails. I do wish that it was a deeper color though such as an antiqued copper. 
  • I got a wonderful surprise when I entered a contest & won over $180 worth of beads!  I just love JKD Studio's destash site. I have found some really wonderful deals there and if you are interested in picking up some of her artisan polymer, that's the place to go. 
  • My muse decided to visit over the holiday weekend and I made up a few necklaces. The one above has glass pearls along with vintage glass & Lucite. It is up for sale so just drop me a line if you would like to give it a new home. 
  • And a teaser for one I made up for a blog hop later this year. 


  1. Yes, bakeries are definitely biased toward kids. What a shame!
    Love those polymer clay rings that you got. I'm not sure how I would work with them though. Can't wait to see what you do with them!


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