Oct 19, 2016


  • I have been spending a lot of time playing Dragon Age.  It's a great escape from reality while I deal with losing Kharma.  I am still looking around for him when I get up in the morning so that I can feed him.

  • I have always been spending time coloring. It's something that I can do upstairs so as a bonus, I also get to spend time with the hubby.  I picked up a coloring book with a black background and I wasn't too sure just how the gel pens would work with it.  I have to admit that I am very happy with the results.  Those aren't the metallic pens but they still seem to glow.

  • My muse has started to peep her head out again. I was afraid that she would stay in hiding for longer but taking a look at the kit that I picked up from Allegory Gallery piqued her interest.
  • FINDERS KEEPERS by Stephen King finally became available to check out.  I was actually disappointed in this book.  Part of what I loved so much about the first book in the series, MR MERCEDES, was the characters of Bill Hodges, Jerome and Holly.  Well they didn't show up in this last book until the last third of the book.    I did find this book interesting but I am not quite sure that it should be part of the Bill Hodges series.

  • My monthly subscription from Bargain Bead Box arrived and it is all autumn colors.  You know those ones we don't get here in Washington.  I just loved the colors and all that brass.

  • I did managed to get a couple designs made up.  These earrings will be donated to Ears To You.

  • This necklace will be going up for sale at Shaiha Designs.  Just loved the contrast of the red agate with the soft green of the serpentine beads.
  • So excited!  Tomorrow I will be going to the Tacoma Bead Fest!  I have met so many wonderful people in the jewelry community that I will get a chance to meet in person.  I will be doing up a separate blog post on it and hopefully I will remember to take lots of pictures.


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