Nov 23, 2016


  • My dog Pooka is seriously a thief.  I have always known that he would steal food if he could get to it but I discovered that he will also steal beads.  I received some beads in when I was down sick with the flu so after I looked at them, I put them back on the box and left them on the bed.  I figured that since they weren't edible that they would be safe.  Not so!  When I went to get them, I discovered that he had taken the bag out of the box and tried to stash them.  I was able to find most of them but the Goddess knows when the rest will reappear.

  •  BeiJing is getting old and finally starting to show it.  She loves to come to work with me but is starting to have trouble making it up the stairs.  I think  that it is time that I start looking for another puppy so that she will have time to train her.  Another younger dog will also keep Pooka occupied.
  • We are undergoing another shift bid at work and I am not a bit happy about the choices.  I have worked 4 10s for years and the only ones they offer this time around don't offer the days off I need.  And I am not that picky.  I just need to be sure that I have a Saturday off so I can host our monthly potluck but it looks like the only way I will be able to get that is if I go back to working Monday thru Friday.  The shorter shifts might work as I am starting to get exhausted after about 8 hours at work but it will make it difficult to manage my and Saje's doctor appointments. Guess it is time that I update my FMLA to also cover my massages and other medical needs.

  • I love Overdrive. I have been getting quite a few audio books through them for free.  Seriously if you like e-books or audio books, it is worth checking out to see if your library has  a membership as they are free and you check them out just like any other library book.
  • I know that you would think that I get enough books through my reviewing but another place that I have found to get some really nice book is Prime Reading.  If you have an Amazon Prime account, this is a free benefit of the membership.

  • I went out and got a perm.  I just wanted to add a bit of curl to my wavy hair but I ended up with almost a spiral perm.  Oh well.  It will relax and make my hair care easy for the next year or so.  I also managed to catch the flu when I got my curls.  Not such a good thing.


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