Dec 28, 2016


  • There are times when I feel that the universe is trying to tell me something.  It's pretty slow at work today so I am reading a book.  Actually I finished one and started another.  One is an urban fantasy and the other is a cozy mystery.  They both mentioned the same movie however. Rear Window starring Jimmy Stewart.  Maybe I should watch it.
  • I am very sad about the passing of George Michaels.  He and Prince provided the soundtrack of one part of my youth.  They were both far too young to leave us.  I am so done with 2016.

  •  I have been busy and cleaning up my bedroom.  Trying to get organized and get rid of the clothing that I haven't worn in years.  My favorite part?  I found a way to corral my boots by hanging them.  I can finally found which pair I want without digging through boxes.  My only regret with those hangers is that I only picked up one pack instead of the two I am going to end up needing.
  • Why is it so difficult to find a place to eat on Christmas?  It used to be that you could find a good Chinese restaurant but when we went looking this year the only thing we could find was Denny's with a 45 minute wait..

  • My muse actually came back to visit me on Christmas Eve.  I made up a couple pairs of earrings to donate and the necklace that I made for the ABS Challenge. Now to just get caught up with the rest.


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