Dec 21, 2016


  • My imp is back. I have a wireless mouse set up on my work computer and I was in the process of using it when all of a sudden it went dead.  I assumed that the batteries had died so I replaced them and still nothing.  So I started to investigate and the little receiver that you plug into the computer was gone.  Now I have NO idea how it just up and disappeared when I was using it.  Thanks Imp.
  • I hope that everyone has a Blessed Yule.  I am going to going out to dinner with some friends and their daughter who I haven't seen in a couple years since she is attending college in Hawaii.
  • When I reviewed a prequel to the Jack Stratton series,  I ended up falling in love with the characters.  To get the rest of the series, it would be $9.99 or I could get them free with a 30 day free trial of Kindle Unlimited.  I bet that you can guess which way I went.  So now I get to read that series and figure out if the $9.99 a month is worthwhile to me with all the books I already get to review.  We shall see.

  • One of the Christmas traditions that we have always had is to go to a movie.  We had plans to go see the new Harry Potter movie, Fantastic Beasts but for some reason, it is only showing for a week in my area.  Not sure why as I would think that this would be a movie that parents would want to take their kids too when they are out on winter break.   And now I am going to have to wait until it hits cable.  Not too happy about that.
  • I love my purple purse.  Heck I have fallen in love with the color purple since I joined the Red Hatters.  Anyways,  I finally decided that I needed a black one too.  Yeah me who has never been a big purse person.  I have always only had one since I hate switching them out.  I now have two. Hmmm... what else is going to change.  Am I am going to start wearing shoes..  Um no way! 
  • I am definitely getting antisocial in my old age.  Went to a Christmas party hosted by work on Saturday and all I wanted to do is find a quiet corner to read a book.  Not that great of a party.  I ended up heading out at 10 since I had to work the next day and they still hadn't put out the deserts.
  • There are times that I love living in Washington. I stopped to take a pic of Commencement Bay when I headed out to get some of Boo's paperwork.  And there were seals!  I wasn't able to get any good pics of them with my phone but the sound of them brought a huge smile to my face. 


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