Jan 6, 2017

Art Elements Dragon Theme Blog Hop

I have always had a love of fantasy worlds & fantastical creatures.  Heck I collected unicorns before they were popular (but that is another story) and I still collect gargoyles. Oh and dragons....


Dragons have been known and legends have surrounded them since the beginnings of recorded history.  You can find air, water, fire, earth and spirit dragons. And the legends persist in the modern age. You can find them in books and in video games. What an excellent inspiration for a artisan jewelry challenge. Thank you Art Elements! 


Now I mentioned my love of fantasy worlds. I have played in quite a few of those worlds armed with my trusty dice. I can't imagine what turns my life would haven taken if I hadn't had a way to escape. So this necklace is tribute to those many nights and those many friends. 

One of my favorite dragons is the blue dragon which is a creature of the desert who plays with electricity. They tend to be rather orderly creatures so they know exactly, to the penny, how much treasure they have. Oh and they tend to be evil. So having a shield against them is a very good thing. 


This talisman necklace features such a shield made by Bead Lovelies protecting the wearer from detection. The handmade bail made with wire from WoolyWire adds to the grounding effects. 


The talisman is suspended from stones of hematite and vintage brass. And for comfort and further insulation from lightening, cotton against the back of the neck. Can't be too safe in dragon territory.

Now that you have seen my interpretation  of a dragon, let see how the other designers relate to this magnificent creature.


AJE Team



  1. Lovely talisman, Shaiha! Looks like you're completely protected from blue dragons! (Guess, what I made a blue dragon for the challenge, haha! I didn't know their traits, though, so thank you for mentioning them.)

  2. What a really beautiful design I love every aspect of your necklace! Thank you so much for joining us.

  3. What a beautiful talisman/protective shield necklace. I love the design and the colors you chose.

  4. The connection between dragons and electricity is quite fascinating and so are the blue dragons which look super cool in these visuals that you have shared

  5. Gorgeous, I love the meaning to your design!

  6. Oh you are speaking my language... I love that this resonated so with you - and your piece is lovely. That shield! Wow. And I leave you with a little treat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aA9wM81WgS0

  7. Beautiful necklace. You combined the various components and accents perfectly to tell the story. And, also, I think I might be part blue dragon. ;)

  8. This necklace is great! I love the meaning behind all the different materials.

  9. Great post Shai, and nice necklace! I enjoyed it!


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