Jan 20, 2017

Book Review: Force of Temptation

Harley Vincent is resigned to life in the human world. Sure, being a margay shifter is half her nature, but life among humans gives her the freedom to roam and do as she pleases. That is, until anti-shifter extremists target her, putting her life in immediate danger.

When an old acquaintance and onetime fling, Jesse Dalton, shows up to offer the protection of his pack, Harley hesitates. She may have feelings for Jesse that go beyond their one-night stand, but life among shifters means giving over her independence to the needs of pack. Plus Mercury Pack has its own threat to face: a rich half-shifter is determined to claim their territory at any cost.

Jesse, who lost his true mate as a child, has wanted Harley since their night together, and he’s not letting her go again. They may not be destined for each other, but he knows she belongs to him and with his pack. Even if he can convince her to join him now, can he convince her to stay?

* * * * * 

I just didn't just step back into the world of the Mercury Pack but dove in with both feet.  It's a world like we know with the edition of the magic of the shifters.  It is complete with good people who reach out to help others and evil people who try to destroy all that they don't and won't understand.   

Harley is a dominant margay shifter who is accustomed to going her own way.  She has made the decision to live in the human world because her experiences in the shifter world were nothing to write home about. That is until an extremist group decides to target her.

Jesse decided years ago that Harley would be his but he was willing to give her the time to come to him until her life was in danger.  Now his protective instincts come to the fore and he brings her to his home.  

I really enjoyed this book and the characters that make it real.  The dialogue between Jesse and Harley, who are both dominant shifters, was amusing at times and poignant at others.  The relationships between them and the rest of the pack deepen the story and provide humor at times.  

Shifters are sexual beings and there is a lot of hot sex in this book which is really hot so I don't recommend this book to younger readers but I feel that any of my readers who like a good paranormal romance should add the FORCE OF TEMPTATION  to their library.

*** I received this book at no charge from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.  All opinions expressed within are my own. 


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