Jan 4, 2017



  • As my dogs are getting older, they seem less bothered by fireworks and I could probably get away with going out on New Year's Eve. Of course, I am older & not too sure if I have the energy. 
  • I am really curious how 2017 will go but I do know that all I can control is myself. 
  • I have put myself on a bead diet with the exception of a couple subscriptions & challenges until I use some of what I already have or start selling. Of course that doesn't mean that I can show off what I have. 
  • I think that I am doing my pics wrong. It always seems as though the quick pics that I take at my work table turn out better the the ones I take in my light box. Maybe I just need to take them all tossed in front of me. 
  • I think my muse has returned!  I know what I am doing for the dragon challenge this Saturday. 

  • Well I am discovering that working 8 hour shifts isn't so bad.  My brain doesn't get a chance to get frazzled.  Of course, I haven't had to juggle any doctor appointments yet and I don't know how well I am going to survive with my massage therapy dropping to once a month.  Only time will tell. 
  • I am not a baker so I am really surprised how much I enjoyed the show Great American Baking Show.  Perhaps it's the tips or perhaps it's the nutty hots but this is a fun show to watch.
  • I am starting to get things organized.  I am still working on my bedroom but since I can do it while I am at work, I am trying to get my email back under control by unsubscribing to all these newsletters that I never get a chance to read.  It feels good to not have 200 emails a day and most of them junk.


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