Jan 25, 2017


  • I have found that things come in threes which has me concerned since I lost a friend to a heart attack on Friday the 13th and the next day, I learn that my brother-in-law has cancer.  What is going to be the next bit of news I have to deal with?
  • I feel like I am running backwards this week.  I should have had my Year of Jewelry Project up yesterday but as you can see, that was a no go.  And it isn't like I haven't finished it.  The weather just changed and I haven't been able to get a good pic of it.  And I need to do so rather quickly because it is also the piece that I made for the Art Bead Scene's monthly challenge and that month is almost over.
  • After years of my employer cutting back on our commissions, they finally decided to raise them a bit.  Still nowhere close to where they used to be but it a step in the right direction!


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