Feb 24, 2017

Book Review: Law and Disorder

Trust the enemy?
Desperate to escape her kidnappers, Kody Cameron can turn to only one man—and he's holding a gun. Outnumbered and trapped in the deadly Everglades, she has little recourse, but something in this captor's eyes makes her believe she can trust him. Does she dare to take the risk?

Undercover agent Nick Connolly has met Kody before and knows she might very well blow his cover. Though determined to maintain his facade, he can't let Kody die. He won't. And his decision to change his own rules of law and order are about to make all hell break loose.

* * * * *

I just love a romantic suspense that you can just sink into with great characters that make the story come alive.  LAW AND DISORDER is just such a book.  Kody is a spunky heroine is who is willing to risk her life for others.  Nick is undercover as one of the gang of kidnappers but he is doing everything that he can to make sure everyone makes it out alive, especially Kody.  Appleby is insane but highly functioning and obsessed with an old treasure.  And he is sure that Kody is the key to finding it.
This book is fraught with danger and tension not only from the men that kidnapped Kody and her friends but from the surroundings themselves, the Florida Everglades.  Not knowing if you are going to be shot or eaten by an alligator puts a real damper on the situation.  Adding to that is the fact that Kody feels as though she is going insane because of her attraction to Nick who as far as she knows is a criminal.

I do feel that my readers who enjoy a romantic suspense will enjoy this book.  I really liked the characters and the setting itself.  There is some violence but no graphic sex.

*** I received this book at no charge from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.  All opinions expressed within are my own.


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