Feb 1, 2017


  • I definitely have a new color crush!  Purple!  Isn't my new purple toaster just darling.

  • Malls are definitely on their way out.  I know that I tend to avoid them simply because of the crowds.  I might have to rethink that though.  The pic above was taken at 7 pm on Monday.  Definitely no crowds.  And they had some good sales but that wasn't what I was there for.
  • I have to give Apple credit.  I purchased an IPad almost two years ago and the touch screen was no longer as responsive as it used to be.  So I got online and made an appointment for their Genius Bar which happened to be in the mall.  The gentleman that helped me ran a few tests and I ended up walking out with a new IPad.  Brought it home, went through the set up procedure and within an hour, I was back up and going.  It even brought back the book I was in the process of reading.  Easy Peasy.
  • I received such good service that I am going to save up my pennies and get myself a Mac laptop for my next computer.  I just wish that they were quite so expensive. 


  1. So glad to know you had good success with Apple. I love my iPhone and they have always been good with me on that. I'd love to get an iPad next!

  2. I am an iPhone and iPad fan! As you know all my blog pictures are taken on my iPhone. But like you, I am balking at a Mac because of the cost.


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