Mar 12, 2017


  • First off, I want to apologize for not having a post ready last Sunday.  I just flat out lost track of time.  This year has already proven to be one where I am running as quickly as I can yet am still falling behind.
  • One of my major stresses is lightening up.  Boo is on her way to health.  She's actually being a pain right now and being a picky eater.  And I have to let her get away with it since she lost so much weight from her illness.  I am going to let her get a bit round and then crack down on what she eats.
  • Birth and death are all part of life and that is becoming clearer to me as I get older.  Later this month, I will be attending a baby shower on Saturday and a wake on Sunday.  I have always thought of it being part of a circle and I think that is one reason that I always have trouble expressing my sympathy for a person's loss.  Logically I know that the person that I am talking too is the one experiencing the loss but I feel that we should be celebrating that the departed has graduated from their time on this plane of existence.  That's why I am looking forward to attending a wake which is that celebration and why when I leave, I want a wake.
  • Now the baby shower however scares me.  I have never had much to do with babies unless they have fur.  The human ones don't however and I am afraid that I will drop them.  Thank goodness the mother has a registry set up or I would have NO idea what to get for them.


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