Apr 13, 2017

Allegory Gallery Forest Journey Challenge

I just adore the kits that Andrew Thornton of Allegory Gallery puts together.  They are always a bit of this and a bit of that along with a surprise focal that Andrew makes.

These challenges are always based around a theme and this time it was a forest journey.  I pictured a hero's journey where our hero who is a simple woman who lives in the forests to help protect them and the animals who reside there. However due to circumstances outside their control, they are called upon to be a hero, or heroine in this case.

I just loved the artisan polymer focal that Andrew made for this challenge.  Protecting that well is one of our heroine's charges.

This challenge is also part of a contest so be sure to stop by the Allegory Gallery Design Challenges group to vote on your favorite.


  1. I love seeing this beautiful necklace close up so I can see details like the little dangle you used on the front of the pendant. Great touch! I loved seeing the picture of the kit since I forgot to take one. So many beautiful beads (and a great picture!)


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