Jun 5, 2017

Ramblings and Updates

I really haven't forgotten everyone that reads my blog.  I just been horrible about keeping people up to date about the happenings in my world.  So this might be a longer post.

  • As everyone knows, my beloved Boo was having liver issues.  We thought that we had won that battle as she was back up to weight and had gotten her snarkiness back.  I should have knocked on wood because Boo refused her meds on Friday May 26th and she died laying by side on Saturday May 27th.  She will be forever missed and I plan on having some of her ashes made into a bead.
  • On the brighter side of things, we are getting new carpet installed on July 3rd. This is long overdue as the existing carpet has grease stains from before we bought the house.  And then it went through issues with Kharma forgetting to go out to do his business. 
  • Conal, my stepson, loves to paint so we are getting the place painted before the new carpet arrives.

  • We have a new puppy!  One of my favorite breeds and one that I have always wanted is an  Akita.  She looks like she is going to be Saje's dog which is good since he is the one spending the most time with her.  

  • She is a moose weighing in at 35 pounds and just over 3 months.  And she is a rather smart puppy which is making her a handful to teach manners too.  She doesn't give me much time to miss Boo.

  • We have our garden started.  This house is situated in such a fashion that I won't ever be able to have a traditional garden because of the fact I don't get enough sun anywhere but on my front porch.


  1. I like to think our intervention with Boo was only meant to give us a few extra months. I appreciate it for that alone.


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