Nov 1, 2017

Book Review: Turned Up

Dillon Alexander has been Kit Derby’s nemesis since third grade, when he beat her in the school spelling bee. They’ve been competing ever since, driving each other to be the best at everything from science fairs to bake sales. While working together one night during their senior year, they stopped bickering long enough to share an emotionally charged kiss. But a tragedy that same night left them both racked with guilt, driving Dillon out of town and leaving Kit determined to keep her distance.

Now an emergency room physician, Dillon has returned to their hometown of Chance, Nebraska. Soon he and Kit fall back into old habits, sparring in public while trying to stay out of each other’s arms. But when a blizzard traps them overnight at Kit’s grandmother’s farmhouse, the real competition begins: Who will be the first to give in to the feelings they’ve denied for a decade?

* * * * *

 I have really enjoyed meeting the residents of Chance.  Sure they get a lot of tornadoes but it has taught everyone the benefit of working together.  Everyone but Kit and Dillon who feel the need to turn everything into a contest between them.  That worked well until Dillon moved back home to Chance and is now trying to convince Kit that there is something more between them then competitiveness.  

TURNED UP is the third book in the Taking Chances series and I do have to say that it is my favorite.  That is in part because of the sparks that fly between Kit and Dillon and in part because I have the opportunity to see how all the other residents are doing.  This series has been about about second chances and the power of love which is something that is good to be reminded off time and time again.  

I do think that any of my readers who enjoy contemporary romance will enjoy this book  as well as the ones preceding it.  No real in your face violence but there some rather warm sex scenes.  

*** I received this book at no charge from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.  All opinions expressed within are my own.


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