Jan 25, 2018

Book Review: Beasts of Extraordinary CIrcumstance

Orphaned, raised by wolves, and the proud owner of a horned pig named Merlin, Weylyn Grey knew he wasn’t like other people. But when he single-handedly stopped that tornado on a stormy Christmas day in Oklahoma, he realized just how different he actually was.

That tornado was the first of many strange events that seem to follow Weylyn from town to town, although he doesn’t like to take credit. As amazing as these powers may appear, they tend to manifest themselves at inopportune times and places. From freak storms to trees that appear to grow over night, Weylyn’s unique abilities are a curiosity at best and at worst, a danger to himself and the woman he loves. But Mary doesn’t care. Since Weylyn saved her from an angry wolf on her eleventh birthday, she’s known that a relationship with him isn’t without its risks, but as anyone who’s met Weylyn will tell you, once he wanders into your life, you’ll wish he’d never leave.

* * * * *

This book is one of those that is hard to categorize.  It's a love story overall but there is so much more to it.  Weylyn is a man with a large heart and special gifts.  He has the ability to control the weather and to talk to the animals.  Now those would be great gifts except for the fact that he doesn't always control those gifts so he can be a dangerous man to be around.

This story is told by the people whose lives have been touched by Weylyn.  We see a man with a high IQ who would like to fit in but he can't quite squirm into that round hole.  Everyone loves and welcomes him into their homes but they are quite accustomed to him disappearing for years.  We see the difficulties he can cause as well as how he enriches the lives of those who love him.

I found BEASTS OF EXTRAORDINARY CIRCUMSTANCE confusing at first because I do like books that will fit nicely into a genre.  It didn't take long however before I was swept away.  I want to give huge kudos to debut author Ruth Emmie Lang for writing such a quirky and engaging novel.  I do recommend it to any of my readers who are looking for a delightful and unusual story.

*** I received this book at no charge from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.  All opinions expressed within are my own.


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