Jan 3, 2018

Plans within plans

Since my word of year for 2018 is organize, I plan to break it down into steps.  Or perhaps make a goal and then steps. Never sure on the order.  Well now you see why I am so bad at this. 

My ultimate goal for the year is to donate $500 to Old Dog Haven by the end of the year.  To do that I have to get Alchemee Designs  up and going since I donate 25% of every sale to them. And so far, I haven’t had any sales so it’s time to change that. 

I think that the first step is to close down on of my shops.  I don’t have the time or attention to devote to both. All of my designs at Shaiha Designs will be 50% off from January 7th until Valentine’s Day.  Just use the code STEP1.  

I will also taking pics and adding new designs at Alchemee Designs.  Another place to pick up a gift for Valentine’s Day especially since I will be happy to make the donation to Old Dog Haven in the receiptent’s name. Just note their name & email address in the order’s comments. 


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