Apr 30, 2018

Ready for Spring!

The flowers are blooming!  Even my lilac bush has rejoined the living and burst into flowers the day after I had remarked to my husband that I was worried about it.  Murphy's Law I guess.

Anyways spring means that it's time to bring out some of my lightweight gauzy tunics and I wanted some new earrings to go with them.  One of them has various purples in it so this pair of earrings came to life.  It just be a coincidence that they are just the color of my lilacs.

This pair is for a floaty tunic in teals that has a beaded yoke so I wanted a simple pair of earrings to compliment the beading rather than competing with it.  And I just love asymetrical earrings. I wonder how long it will take for my OCD hubby to notice them.

So have you made any new jewelry to celebrate the season?  Or if you are looking for some new jewelry, stop by Alchemee Designs.  And remember that 25% of every purchase is donated to Old Dog Haven.


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