Dec 5, 2018

Review: Adagio Tea Advent Journey Day 4

We are still in the world of black teas with today's selection, Chestnut Tea.  This is a black tea flavored by roasted chestnuts.  I have to admit that I have always been curious about this tea especially as I adore hazelnut teas.

When I first brewed this up, I wasn't impressed by the aroma.  It was nutty but in a funky way.  And I felt the same way upon my first taste.  The tea was smooth but had a harsh aftertaste in that funky nut way.  Once I added a bit of raw sugar and cream, I had a drinkable cup of tea.

For myself personally, I wouldn't stock this tea.   I am on the fence about whether to recommend this tea as the flavor that I find so objectionable before being doctored might just be the chestnut flavor itself.  It does have a rather unusual taste so I would recommend ordering a sample to find out whether this is a tea that you will like.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for the next stop in the journey


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