Apr 13, 2020

Happy Belated Easter

I know that everyone's Easter was a bit different than in the past.  Instead of family gatherings and egg hunts, people got together via video chats and telephones.  Since I am not christian, my easter has always been a bit different.  I always picked up a ham since they are on sale and would cook one up.  That's it.  No other traditions.  And even that got messed up since I spent almost 20 hours passed out yesterday.

The good news is that I feel semi-alive today.  I have issues with fatigue anyways and now for some unknown reason, I am now getting boils.  Now I am not sure that contributed to my fatigue yesterday but my body's reaction to any virus or bacteria has been to shut down and sleep.

Looks like the stimulus checks are starting to arrive.  My soon to be DIL had hers show up in her account this morning.  I will be glad when it arrives in mine.  Both myself and Saje really need new glasses.  Then we will be waiting on the Unemployment insurance.  You know, it is really strange how I will be bringing in more not being able to work then I am able to working.  But then life is becoming rather strange since the pan-epidemic hit.

I am curious just how life will be changed afterwards.  Will a lot of the jobs that converted to telecommuting stay that way?  Will distance will be the new way of life?  I just hope that our new way forward will consider our planet since she has been rebounding while we are quarantined.


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