Dec 4, 2020

Happy Beads Blog Hop

Hey everyone!  It’s been awhile. Actually longer than I had thought. Anyone else notice how the combo of the pandemic and old age leads to totally losing track of time?  One day just seems like the other!

Anyways, I have been needing something to nudge me back to creating jewelry. I mean, now that I actually have the time to lose myself (and hopefully use up some of my supplies) in creating I find myself not doing so. I know that some is simple exhaustion but the other was that lack of spark.  Well this blog hop has started to ignite me.  

I was lucky enough to receive this beautiful kit from Lisa. All kinds of bright crystals, bright glass beads in regal purple along with some pastel glass pearls. 

Now you know me and pearls and procrastination. I immediately went to the pearls and laid out a necklace of pearls & crystals. And then let it sit and sit and well...sit. I knew I had all the supplies & I could easily knot that up in a couple hours while watching a baking competition. Or so I thought. 

Did you know that glue can go bad?  I didn’t. 

So when I went to get everything knotted up, my first step was to make a thread nettle with my cording. No big deal. I have done it hundreds of times. Except my glue wouldn’t harden and my cord kept drooping. Looked kinda like...never mind. And of course, I made this wondrous discovery on Friday night.   Time of a new plan. 

I ended up making this bracelet that also doubles as a choker using the regal purple beads & crystals. 

I still have the long pearl necklace laid out & as soon as I find some thread Viagra, I will get it finished up also. '
Now that you have seen my contribution, be sure to check what these designers came up with. .

Your hostess: Lisa Lodge, A Grateful Artist

Kim Dworak  Cianci Blue

Heather Canepa,  Desert Jewelry Designs

Beti Horvath, Stringing Fool Jewelry

Ann Schroeder, Bead Love

Kari Asbury, Design Challenges

Therese Frank, Therese's Treasures

Linda Anderson, From the Beadboard of...

Lisa Prewitt Knappenberger, LiRaysa Designs


  1. Beautiful bracelet! I feel your pain at not having the right tools. I had a glue problem too. Glad to see that this Blog Hop got us creating.

  2. I'm glad to see you back! And yes, time has been a bit floppy. Your combo piece is beautiful! I look forward to seeing the knotted necklace as well. I usually change my design and end up with something I'm not as satisfied with, so I see your procrastination as patience to get it right!

  3. Hi Shia,
    Love your bracelet/choker. I had the same problem with procrastination, so I get it, you have good intentions, but before you know it it’s down to the last few days and you got to get something done. Oh and I’m sure that you will find some fresh thread Viagra 😄

  4. The regal purple really makes the bracelet pop! Crystal always looks so elegant, and the purple really ups the wow factor. Looking forward to seeing the knotted necklace also. I am also a procrastinator, although I prefer to call it "making the bead magic just right".

  5. I love the bracelet/choker. I also procrastinate - I made mine Thursday night. The glue viagra made me laugh so hard :)

  6. Oh, you've tickled me!! How funny. All the glue I've ever had "go bad" just dried up in the container. Here's hoping you've procured some new glue. Your choker/bracelet is so pretty!


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