Dec 31, 2009

Being responsible sucks

One of my favorite bands when I was a teenage was Loverboy. 

Yes I know that I am dating myself but who cares   

They are doing a free concert tonight at the local casino and I would love to go. 

But do I get too?  No

I have dogs that are terrified of fireworks.  So I am now stuck home on both NYE and July 4th.  I am not as upset about tonight as the 4th because I have always celebrated my birthday then.

Sometimes I HATE growing up.

Skin Game

This is a book that my husband of all people recommended to me.  And when a man recommends a romantic suspense, well then I sit up and take notice. I have to admit that Ms Gray has written more unusual paranormal romantic suspenses in that she attempted to base it in science.

It is all so real and believable.  As my husband put it "I didn't have to suspend belief even once!"  I have to agree.  I also loved the fact that there really were no 'good' guys, just ones that weren't quite as grimy.

I heartily recommend SKIN GAME to any reader that likes a make that a lot.. of grit with their romance.

Dec 27, 2009

Taste Sensation

Just sitting here watching or tryihg to watch a John Cusac film, War Inc, which isn't really keeping my attention.  Not one of his best ones but my husband loves his movies.

Prior to attempting to watch this movie, I brewed up a cup of tea.  This is a tea that was gifted to me by a swap partner.  It is Dr Teas Lychee & Cantaloupe White Tea.  I have never tried a tea from this company but that is about to change.  After steeping a teaspoon in water that has been allowed to cool for a couple minutes, I am blessed with a liquor that is very pale greenish yellow.  The aroma is lightly tinged with the scent of ripe cantelopes. 

The taste...well the taste is to die for.  I wasn't expecting a tea that so perfectly mimics the taste of slice of summer.  The mouthfeel is even one of drinking fresh cantalope juice.  Just incredible.  I very highly recommend this tea to anyone that loves melons!

Here is a link to the tea.

Dec 26, 2009


I don't know why but that title just seems as though I am spelling it incorrectly.  Just one of those things.

Ex-detective and semi ex-demon Conall Macmillan is back in town and needs a way to atone for the damage he did the last time he was around.  He pretty much has his demon side under control even though he is having issues with convincing the vampire sheriff who just wants him dead.  Conall might have found a way to atone when he stumbles upon the vampire Constance whose son has been kidnapped.  But cracking this case just might cost him what is left of his humanity.

SCORCHED by Sharon Ashwood is the second book in The Dark Forgotten series and does a great job of standing all on its own.  That to me is always a mark of a good book.   While not a paranormal comedy there is also laughter which makes this book just plain fun to read.  I would recommend to any reader who enjoys the lighter side of the paranormal.

Disclaimer:  While I was not paid for this review, I was sent the book at no charge and I won't be returning it.
Dec 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

I wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas!!


Holiday Survivor?

I hope that everyone has a great holiday with family and friends.

Now take a deep breath and relax. You won't enjoy it as much if you don't let go and let the good times and memories flow.

While it is a time of celebration, the holidays always seem to be a time of stress.  Whoever planned one of the biggest holidays during a time of year when our bodies are demanding that we slow down and reflect is an idiot and should be shot. 

I decided years ago that I wouldn't be stressed during this time of the year.  Of course it helps that I don't have kids and in my family we donate to charities rather then give each other gifts.  Also I don't celebrate Christmas, so to me it really is a day off designed to kick back and relax.

Now that's not to say that I don't have any traditions.  Since Christmas is one day out of the year that me and my DH are guaranteed to have off together, we go out and see a movie every year.  This year it looks as though it will be Avatar.  I usually cook us up a ham for dinner but  that isn't set in stone.  This year it will be  a pork tenderloin.  The main thing for us is the opportunity to have some time to spend together.

It is also a day when I talk to  family (both blood and chosen) and reconnect.  I am really bad about losing track of time and not talking to them for ages.  So I try to reaffirm those bonds at least on holidays. 

I hope that everyone has a blessed and safe day.
Dec 23, 2009

Divine Misdemeanors

Wow!!  I have been a lover of Merry Gentry from the very beginning.  Not as hard core as the Anita Blake books, this series is unabashedly sensual.  This book doesn't fail to deliver in that department but now we are getting back to mystery.

Merry, when she isn't being a princess, is a private investigator and now the police need her help.  Someone is killing the fey and dressing up the murder scenes to look like illustrations from children's books.  The scenes are enough to give anyone the creeps.  And Merry is starting to have some flak from some of her men for giving up the throne.  Needless to say, she has her hands full.

I very much enjoyed Divine Misdemeanors which is the eighth in this series.  It has a different flavor from the previous books but I feel that it just adds to the taste.  If you are a follow of this series, then don't hesitate to pick up this addition.  And if you aren't, then why not?

Disclaimer:  This book was lent to me by a friend.  All opinions are my own and in no way reflect on the author or publisher
Dec 22, 2009

Legends of the Seeker

How come I am always the last to know?  I always been a lover of fantasy, be it books, movies or figurines.  But I don't go to prime time television for my fantasy fix.  In this case, that was a mistake. 

Legends of the Fall is darned good series that is just plain fun to watch.  Both the male and the female leads are eye candy so no one needs feel left out.  I have to admit that the older wizard Zeb is the character that I tune in to watch.  You never know what is going to come out of his mouth.  Besides, how can one not love a character that is just wearing a chicken when you are first introduced.

So if you are looking for some feel good fantasy of the video type, be sure to check out this series!
Dec 21, 2009

Yule Blessings

I hope that everyone has a blessed Yule and a Happy New Year!

Waking Nightmare

Romantic Suspense have to be one of my favorite genres to read.   And when I find a new to me author that hooks me so deeply into a story, well let's just say that it is a good day.

There is a serial rapist on the loose and he preys on a woman's deepest fears to make the experience last a lifetime.  After three rapes, the Savannah PD still doesn't have a suspect so profiler Abbie Phillips is brought in.  And boy do the sparks fly between her and the lead detective Ryne Robel who didn't care for outside talent being brought in.

WAKING NIGHTMARE is the third book in the "The Mindhunters" series and one that impressed the heck out of me.  I am normally really anal about reading books in a series in order as I hate missing the little nuances in the story arc.  However Ms Brant did such a good job with WAKING NIGHTMARE that I didn't feel as though I was missing a thing.  Tightly paced and fraught with suspense, this is one book that I highly recommend.  Now I just have to get Ms. Brant's backlist.


Disclaimer:  While I was not paid for this review, I was sent the book at no charge and I won't be returning it.
Dec 19, 2009

Shadow Queen by Anne Bishop

It's no secret to anyone that knows me that I am usually found with a book in hand (or in ear if I am listening to audible version) and I used to actually run a book review site.  Well I am no longer running that site but I still have my vry definite opinions on the books I read so I decided to get them out here and hopefully they will help someone out when they are looking for that perfect book.

I just got done listening to The Shadow Queen by Anne Bishop and it is first class all the way.  I haven't cared for Ms. Bishop's other series  but any time she puts her pen to the Dark Jewel worldscape is pure magic!

After Janelle cleansed the Blood, there were very few Queens left in Shalador.  So the Warlord Princes have decided to ask for a Queen from the Shadow Realm.  Cassidy isn't quite what they expected but is exactly what they need.

I highly recommend this book to any lovers of the Dark Jewels!  Not only does it bring forth new characters that are very interesting but we get to see more of Jaenelle, Daemon and Saetan.

Oh just to cover myself, I should let folks know that I did purchase this book thru Audible and I wasn't paid for this review.

Dec 6, 2009


I have declared a today to be a day just to relax. This week was just too busy with me putting in 50 hours and I am looking to do the same next week. DH had to go to work today at 2:30 and he had a strange look on his face as I haven't even gotten dressed today. I had to laugh at him as I had taken a shower before he even woke up and put on fresh pajama bottoms and all. He doesn't think anything of relaxing all day in a pair of sweats so what is the difference?

So have you ever declared a day just for relaxing? How did your family react?

Nov 30, 2009

Being Thankful

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving Day! I know that we did. My family lives primarily in the Southwest and I can't stand DH's family so the holidays aren't ones that we spend with family. Instead we go out the house of DH's oldest friend and spend the day there. It is a good time for all as I am good friends with Charlie also and usually end up cooking half the meal. It is normally a crowded house with people popping in and out all day. This year was different as there was only five of us there. Rather quiet and relaxing.

This time of year always causes me to reflect on things that I am thankful for and this year I wanted to share my list with you all.

1. My husband. I know that he will always be there to support me in whatever I decide to do.
2. My job. The economy hasn't really effected my job which is really a good thing as I am the main breadwinner in our family.
3. My friends. I have a fantastic group of friends and I treasure them all.
4. My furbabies. What better way to know one is loved then curling up in the recliner with a dog and two cats on your lap.
5. I am thankful for the fact that while I do have health issues that are painful, none of them are life threatening.

Those are the big ones that I am always thankful for. Then there are the smaller ones like the smile that I get one my face when I feel a warmer breeze, or the laugh that bubbles up over a good joke share with friends. Those are all moments that I am thankful for the opportunity to experience.

I hope that everyone has a great holiday season!
Nov 18, 2009

Alive?? Well maybe

I know that I disappeared for a while and I am sorry about that. Things just got a little strange.

On the medical side, that new doctor I started seeing in August. The one with the drug testing.. yeah now you remember her. Well I had an appointment to go back and see her on October 20th. Well on that morning a received a call from her office saying that they needed to reschedule as she was out of the office that day. Not being one to stress the small stuff, I shrugged and rescheduled my appointment to November 3rd. Well the same thing happened. I finally got into see her on the 10th just to be told that she doesn't feel that she can handle the care for my fibromyalgia due to the drugs I am on that enable to be a functional part of society. So basically she strung me along since August and now I am scrambling to find a new doctor as most of my yearly prescriptions need to be rewritten in December. Sigh....

On October 30th, we were having a potluck at work. I stopped by a Safeway to pick up some pop. I was in there at 6:30 am for about 10 minutes and someone broke into my car and stole my laptop. I sure hope that they are enjoying it. One should never steal from a witch the day before Samhain. Especially when a full moon was hitting.

On the upside, I was planning on working OT yesterday but I bailed and spent the day pampering me. As everyone knows, I am a huge tea drinker. Well I went to my first tea shop and had a tea set. It was delicious and something that I plan on doing again. I took a picture of the top part of my tea tray to share with you. Below was four different types of tea sandwiches and a ginger peach scone.

One of my best friends just moved back the area so that is another plus! I haven't gotten a chance to see her yet as I wanted to give her a chance to settle but I take it as a sign that everything is looking up.

Oct 27, 2009


I have a new little guy named Sterling who recently joined our household. He is a handsome grey kitten with a few tabby stripes but not many. I would love to get a good pic of him to share but I haven't succeeded yet. I had forgotten just how interesting life can become when there is a furbaby in the house. Especially if it is a mechanically inclined cat. He has already figured out just how fun it is to turn lights on and off. I am really hoping that he doesn't learn how to work a lighter.

I have to hang my head in shame. I have been really bad about going to the gym. In fact, I haven't worked out since I had the trouble with my tooth. Speaking of teeth. I was supposed to have a root canal done today. Since I have a phobia of needles, the dentist was supposed to call in a prescription last night that I was supposed to take this morning before going in. So I went to the pharmacy to pick it up only to find that the dentist forgot. No problem. I have his after hours number. Well he doesn't answer and never returns my call. So I call and cancell the appointment. I later call to reschedule to be told that they don't think that I am a good fit for thier clinic. Excuse me... I am not the one that messed up. And it isn't the first time either. Now I have to go find another dentist. What a pain....

Well everyone take care of yourselves!

Oct 18, 2009

Still Alive

Yes I am still around. My tooth put me under the weather for a while. I ended up needing to get it pulled as there just wasn't enough of it left to save. Luckily it was one of my back molars. Unluckily the extraction led to a bone infection. Can you say pain? So I spent a bit of time doped up on pain pills. Not that conductive to writing in my blog.

I have been drinking teas and I actually have a couple of mini reviews for some teas that I picked up a new to me tea site. 52Teas has a unique concept where they blend a new flavor of tea in limited quantities once a week. They have a neat program where you can sign up to get all the teas for a set amount of time or you can just purchase them individually. I go the individual route as not all their flavors appeal to me.

I picked up one that I had high hopes for. It is the Pumpkin Pie flavored black tea. Every fall I tend to crave pumpkin pies and I figured this would help satisfy my cravings without loading me down with calories. Unfortunately I wasn't that impressed when I brew the tea according to the instructions which call for letting the tea steep for 4 to 5 minutes. The resulting tea was bitter enough that even sugar couldn't rescue it. I tried again and let it steep for 31/2 minutes. That took care of most of the bitterness but made for a weaker cup of black tea then I prefer.

The second tea or tisane that I picked up I didn't really have any expectations of. I had never tried honeybush before and wanted to give it a try. So I choose the Pina Colada Honeybush and boy is it good. The pineapple and coconut pieces along with the rum flavoring blend together in a taste sensation that I am very much enjoying. If I close my eyes, I can picture myself on a beach with a drink in hand. Well worth purchasing especially as the second steep is as good as the first.

Have a great day!

Oct 5, 2009

With Chicory?

It has been an interesting couple days around my household. I went in on Friday to have an impacted tooth removed. Here I was assuming that I was done with it. No more pain and I would be up and running by Sunday. No such luck. Sunday comes around and I am still in a lot of pain. I call the dentist and leave a message. No reply. So Monday I call into work and let them know that I won't be coming in. And then I call the dentist to let them know that I am coming in there. It turns out that the bone beneath that tooth had become infected. Now I am on antibiotics for the next 10 days and more pain pills. I am really hoping that I am feeling up to working some tomorrow after my massage. On the bright side, my furkids have been very happy that I have been home. Heck they are happy that both myself and my DH have been home. He hasn't been to work since Friday as he has the flu. When it rains it pours.

I do want it to be known that when I post a review on this blog for a tea, a cafe or anything, that I have purchased the product that I am talking about. I am sure that you are wondering why I brought that up. Well the FTC is going to start cracking down on bloggers who review products that they are getting for free. I am not sure just why they are doing this unless they felt that they had to interfere...errr..make their presence known as part of their job security.

While I was waiting to get my prescriptions filled today, I checked out the tea section at my local Target. There was a sale on Celestial Seasonings teas so I picked up their Fruit Sampler. As I was heating up the water for brew up a cup of Wild Berry Zinger, I was looking over the ingredients and noticed that one listed was chicory. When I think of chicory, coffee comes to mind not tea. In fact, I have never seen chicory listed as an ingredient in a tea or herbal tisane. And I am totally confused on what it is doing there now. The Wild Berry Zinger is a rather tasty herbal tisane. The hibiscus and the various berries jump out at you. But why chicory?

Have a good evening everyone.

Oct 3, 2009

Why oh why

About a month ago, I had a filling fall out of one of my molars. For the first week or so, I didn't have any pain at all. Then I progressed to Orajel. It worked for awhile but not all the time. I had a night a little over a week ago where I was in so much pain that I thought I was going insane. And then last Saturday when we went up to Seattle to celebrate my DH's birthday, the toothache hard. Looking back, the look on my husband's face when I demanded a shot of Jack was priceless. You see, I very rarely drink and when I do it is usually a fufu drink. And then the toothache hit again last night. And I am finally able to do something about as my sick leave reset for the year on the 1st.

I don't have a dentist, or at least I didn't, so I called up one that my girlfriend recommended to me. I ended up having to have a tooth pulled so now I have a swollen jaw and a pain that the pills can't seem to attack. I know that it will all be better in a couple days though.

Long background story just to get around to a question that has always puzzled me. Why would someone want to be a dentist? I don't know of anyone that likes going to see the dentist. It has to be the most hated profession in the medical community. And certainly the most feared one. One answer I have been given to my query is that it is for the money. But dentists don't make as much as a MD so that can't be the answer. Why do you think they do it?

Oct 1, 2009

Tea Time

Wow. What a difference a couple hours and a few cups of tea can make. I now feel semi awake which is better then I have done all day. I left work early today because I was hurting so much with my fibro that my brain fogged up. I was giving customers the wrong info accidentally. Since I am working in the customer care department where we do get escalated customers I decided that this wasn't the best thing to do.

So instead I started on a quest. Ever since I started reviewing for TeaViews, the amount of tea that I have around has gone up. This is because of the samples and the fact that I keep falling in love with different teas and trot off to buy them. I needed some place to put all my goodies before they ran us out of the house. I looked around Ikea for a cabinet that I could put in my kitchen all to no avail so finally I thought of Goodwill. Bingo! A chest of drawers that can hold everything. I already have 3 of them full. Wonder what I am going to do when I fill them all up.

And yes, it is front of one of the five (yes I said five) doors going off of my kitchen.


Where oh where

Did the last week go? They are doing testing on the account at work again so I have no wi-fi handy to be able to post with. That really sucks as I fall behind on all of my online life. I had some wonderful topics to blog about and well I forgot them. I need to remember to jot them down in my phone

Gym update: Yeah I made to the gym last saturday and I can't beleive it. I gained weight. I am back up to 149.6. Not happy about that at all. But it does tell me that I need to start working out more. DH has been working out regularly and it is really starting to show. I just need to keep up.

Sep 22, 2009

Jewely Giveaway

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Good luck!

Sep 21, 2009

Amazing Grace...errr Leaves

It was a Monday in the truest sense of the word. I have found that my mondays usually are better if I start the day off with a good oolong or black tea as I am getting ready. I try to get everything ready in my Zarafina tea maker the night before so all I have to do is hit brew. But I had one of my migraines yesterday so about all I did was listen to a book in a dark room. Luckily sound doesn't bother me when I have one of those blasted things or I would go batty with the combo of pain and boredom. So anyways, I started out my day without any tea. Never a good thing on a Monday. I did get some iced tea once I made it to work but it just isn't the same at all. Mondays in the sales department are usually busy and a lot of people really jam on the sales. But I almost always manage to get low numbers. Must be in my head or something. Can you tell that I don't like Mondays? Oh and our internet was down today...grrrr...

It is now 8:30 at night and I am finally home. After work, I had to run to Target to pick up a few things including a prescription. The ambian that my new doc proscribed just doesn't work for me. Oh it puts me to sleep but 2 to 3 hours later I am wide awake and not able to get back to sleep. This has been going on for almost a month. Since she only gave me a 30 day supply with no refills, I picked up a refill of my trazadone. At least I know that I can sleep on it.

The first thing that I did once I unloaded the bags and fed the dogs was hit up my tea supply. Since it is evening, I didn't want a tea with a lot of caffiene. Just something to help me relax and brighten up my day/evening. As I have mentioned before, I review teas for Teaviews and one of the teas that I sampled recently was a Jasmine white tea and it was wonderful. So I set some of what I had left to brewing. The scent of jasmine wafting about my kitchen and I start to relax. Now I sitting in my recliner with my laptop and my tea. Just the scent and taste is enough to make my day better. Now I can laugh at my monday. Isn't it strange how some hot water and some leaves can change a person's whole perspective.

I sure hope that you had a good Monday and a better Tuesday!

Sep 17, 2009

Changing Seasons

I don't know that it is about this time of year, but it seems to invite quiet contemplation. Everything seems to want to slow down. I can't even say that the weather is a cause because up here in Washington, the weather is still see sawing. One day will be in the eighties and the next in the fifties. I have also noticed that this change seems to effect me more as time goes on. Ten years ago, I didn't really notice the change of seasons at all. Especially when I leave in a area that where the leaves don't change. Now... well rather then wanting to go play with the dogs, I am more apt to curl up with a good book and a better cup of tea. Has anyone else noticed that the change of seasons seem to effect you more the older that you get?

Speaking of tea. I sampled an excellent one yesterday from Teas Etc. If you are looking for an online tea vendor to wander thru be sure to check them out.

Sep 14, 2009

Awesome Cookies

Having a sweet tooth? Check out this list of the top 50 cookie recipes on the web!


A New Week

Don't you just love new things? They are all so bright and shiney. I love to turn them over and around to look closely at them. Perhaps shake them up a bit. Then it is time to use them. To see what they are going to add to my life. Well it is a brand new week! What will the next seven days add to my life? The only way to see is to look and to experience.

Have a great week!

Sep 7, 2009

Organizing Your Pantry

If you are anything like me, then organizing my pantry is a job that I put off as long as possible. And once I get around to it, I usually end up throwing things away as they have expired. I think that I have just come across the product that will really help out--the Cansolidator! And the company that makes this wonderful product is even having a giveaway. Check it out here:

Sep 6, 2009

Great Food Contest

As I am wandering about the internet today, I discovered a contest for a $25 GC to a site that provides some wonderful kits to put together slow cooker meals. Check this out! I am hungry just looking at this site.

Down Time

I feel like jumping for joy or something along those lines to celebrate the start of my weekend. But all of that just takes far too much energy. I did survive last week which deserves something as it was the week from hell. Now only was I suffering thru what I thought was withdrawals from my sleeping pills ( now I am not so sure because my supervisor at work is suffering the same symptoms which leads me to believe that it was some sort of strange flu) but I managed to work 56 hours last week. That to me is quite an accomplishment as a lot of weeks managing my 40 hours is a real stretch.

I have a rather strange weekend as I did go in yesterday and put in 5 hours overtime. But I still have a three day weekend as I am not due back to work until Wednesday. I can go in on Tuesday and put in some OT but at this point I am not sure if I will. I know that I should as to get back on our feet, I need as much OT as possible. It is time like this that I really wish that DH had a real job so he could cover us. But the fact is that I am the main breadwinner. It has it's advantages in that he doesn't ask me where I got the money that I spend on beads but it has real downsides. This experience has pointed out the fact that I can't really choose to transfer to another department. The whole reason that we are in the hole right now is that I was lent to another department for two months and the commission that I make in Sales is the difference between having play money and scrambling to even pay bills.

But anyways.... I plan for at least the next couple days to relax and recoup. The only thing that I need to do is work on the Firebuff's website and that is enjoyable work. Other then that, it is playing on Facebook and watching Lost on Hulu. I really need to figure out a way to watch Hulu and work on my jewelry. Every other time I am watching TV I am also busy working on beading or crocheting. And there are some necklaces that I really need to get done. I had originally planned on starting a business with my jewelry but I am just not that productive. I do have some beauiful jewelry made... Perhaps when I retire.

Gym update: Yes I did manage to drag myself out of bed and make it to the gym yesterday. My saturdays do seem to go better when I start them out with a water aerobics class which kinda surprises me. Before starting to do so, sleeping in on weekends was precious to me. But I seem to have more energy if I expend energy first thing in the morning. I really wish that they had classes I could take before work during the week. Anyways, I was right and my lack of eating last week did reflect on the scale and I am down to 146.4 pounds. Only 16 more to go!

Have a great holiday weekend!

Sep 4, 2009

Bead A Day Calender

Jewelry designer extraordinaire Lori Anderson is running a contest on her blog for a Bead A Day calender and some beady goodies. Be sure to check out her blog. Lori has some really yummy pieces of jewelry and to enter the contest head to this URL


Tale of Woes

Hi everyone,

I have really been scarce this week and I didn't mean too. I just wasn't sure if I was going to survive or even I wanted too. Listen to my tale of woe and hopefully you will get a good chuckle out of it.

My new doctor decided that I needed to change sleeping pills. I have been Trazadone for past four years. I am supposed to switch to Ambien but I was supposed to taper off the trazadone gradually. Well I ran out so I just switched over. Since last Saturday, my internal thermostat has been on the blitz. It took me til Wednesday to figure out what was causing. One minute I would be dying to heat then next second I was freezing. My DH kept saying that it was menopause even when I explained to him that menopause wouldn't happen overnight. I am finally coming out of this tailspin but it has been a hell of a week.

Gym Update: I have been a really bad girl. I haven't been to the gym in almost 2 weeks. I am going to correct that tomorrow morning as I want to hit the water aerobics before work. Then I will get to weigh myself. I think that I have lost some pounds as I haven't really been eating much.

I hope that everyone had a great week!

Sep 2, 2009

Blog Party Giveaway

I just wanted to share with everyone this wonderful contest that I found wandering my way about the internet. Be sure to wander over to

to check out the wonderful prizes and the most excellent blog!

Aug 29, 2009

A Week Well Done

Ever had a week where you feel like celebrating when it is over? Well that was last week. I did have some good things happen like my first therapeutic massage that didn't hurt in well over three years but for the most part last week just sucked. I can't even pinpoint why. I just felt so draggy that I didn't even manage to make it to the gym last week. I didn't make it this morning either which I feel guilty about as I have been making my saturday water aerobics class regular as clockwork.

I did manage to find a new addiction though. I love Hulu. I watched all of Fringe and just started on Lost. Yes I must be about the only person in existance who has never seen Lost. I just wish that there was some way for me to watch Hulu and work on my jewelry at the same time. So far though I haven't figured it out yet as I only have 1 lap.

Here's to a better next week!

Aug 21, 2009

Pain Contracts

I went in to see my new doctor yesterday. I liked her because it seems that she is willing to work with me on my fibro. She is also up on the new drugs and advised me that a couple of the drugs that my previous doctor had prescribed really have to be watched as working together in high enough levels could be deadly. Not at all sure why Dr. Larson didn't catch that as he was the one that set me up both.

One thing that baffles me though is their pain contracts. To be prescribed pain pills for a chronic condition, I have to sign a contract agreeing to only get my drugs thru her and to have random drug tests. I don't have a problem meeting the conditions but why are they asking for this. It seems to me that insurance companies wouldn't like to be paying for these drug tests, and it is an invasion of privacy. It basically says that you as the patient need to trust your doctor but they don't trust you. Isn't trust supposed to be a two way street?

Aug 16, 2009

Whatta Week

I think that I have officially gone around the bend. This last week was insane and I am paying for it today. I haven't done any overtime since we had a last shift bid a couple months ago. Before that I would pick up a few hours every week. Well I am still trying to recover from being traded to another department for a few months as I work in a commission job and to make any money I must have sales in the pipeline. Our commission is also paid out a week behind. So my commission paycheck this month will be rather small as last month I was still in the other department. So to ensure that I have enough money to pay both the car payment and the mortgage, I worked some overtime last week. Fifteen hours worth to be exact. I am discovering that while the Savella gives me more energy, it isn't limitless and I do have to pay for it. So today, which is my only day off, I have been listless and exhausted. That doesn't make me insane. But the fact that I intend to do this to myself next week also does.

I did have an enjoyable evening last night. I attended the Fire Buffs meeting and then went to work friend's housewarming. I don't really associate with the people at work after hours and I don't know why. Guess that I am a hermit at heart but it has started to get to me a little as it would be nice to have a girlfriend that I can chat with. Well anyways, I attended this party. Most of the people were more then tipsy as I did show up late due to my meeting. But it was a good party. I knew almost everyone there so my shyness didn't kick in and the best part was that one of the women at work, Cassie, that used to sit by me and I used to chat with invited me to attend their monthly ladies night out. It is the third Saturday of every month. I am looking forward to getting together with them next month and letting my hair down.

And now onto my gym update.... I didn't attend as much as I would have liked as I discovered that getting up early in the morning to go in and then working a 11 1/2 hour day just doesn't work for me. But I did manage to make it in twice to lift weights and once for a water aerobics class. I plan on heading there tomorrow night after work also as I get to sleep in on Tuesdays. That way I will have at least lifted weights 3 times before I meet with my trainer on Tuesday. I didn't lose any weight this week but I did manage to fit into a pair of jeans that have never fit! Why did I buy them if they never fit you ask. Well I liked them and at the time I was losing weight. The only problem was that my weight stabilized one size larger then those jeans. Well they fit now..a little tight but comfortable! Definitely shows that I am on the right track.

Aug 14, 2009


Well I found a new doctor and have an appointment on the 20th. Finding one was surprisingly easy this time around. Perhaps because I had too?? What irritated me was the receptionist. I called in asking if their clinic was accepting new patients and the first words out of her mouth was to ask if I have a chronic condition requiring pain pills. When I replied yes, that I have fibro, I was then advised that they couldn't take me a patient. I asked her if tramadol was considered a narcotic. She then put me on hold for 5 minutes to find out. I was then advised that they could accept me.

I was rather highly offended by this but decided to make the appointment and see how I like the doctor. But it did make me wonder just how people that are in chronic pain and need stronger medication would go about finding a new doctor. Why are they discriminated against? You would think that the doctor would consider it to be job security.

Aug 13, 2009

Just what is bread??

I am on a kick to improve my health. I joined a gym and am trying to eat better. Thru my health insurance, they have this little doodad that encourages a person to become healthier and one of the questions it asked was if I eat 8-10 servings to breads a day. To say that I was in shock would be an understatement. To me bread has always been evil. It's how one gets up to 200 lbs. And now they want me to eat 8 to 10 servings a day. There is something wrong with this picture.

I did a little bit further research and discovered that I don't actually need to eat 8-10 servings. I just need to worry about getting 7 1/2 ounces of grains a day. And I do actually include some of them in my diet such as rice and pretzels. What I do need to do is increase the amount of whole grains in my diet. Hmm..well I do like brown rice and popcorn is even in that category. Suddenly it all becomes doable.

Aug 11, 2009

Talk about an amazing giveaway!!

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Aug 10, 2009
Aug 8, 2009

A Day to Rest??

Oh it would be nice if that was what weekends were actually for. This weekend looks to be busy catching up on one thing after another. Maybe I just need to learn to relax during work days...

I woke up this morning at 8:00 and headed right out to the gym to attend a water aerobics class. I am starting to think that investing in this gym membership is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have already lost 3 pounds since last saturday and I have more energy. Though to be honest, I am not really sure if I have more energy due to exercising or due to the Savella that I am now taking for my fibro. Either way, I feel as though I am starting to get my life back! It is quite exciting.

I did say that I would let you all know how the Savella is working for me. I seem to be bypassing the side effects with the exception of the added energy (which is a good thing in my mind) and my pain levels are decreasing. I am taking about a third of the tramadol that I used to take and according the notes about Savella, it can take up to a couple months for it to reach it's peak effiencancy. I am really glad that my soon to be ex doctor recommended it as a drug to try.

I had mentioned a couple months ago how irritated I was with my doctor and how I wanted to find a new one. I have been really procrastinating on searching up a new one though. But no more. I recieved a letter yesterday stating that Dr Larson would no longer treat me due to me owing him money. Now as to how I owe him money, I an confused about as I have great insurance and I have to pay my co-pays before I even get a chance to see the doctor. Aw a mystery that I will have to get cleared up.

Oh, and what am I doing the rest of the weekend? I will be neck deep in edits on a book that should have already hit the markets but it needed a total rewrite. Now I have to rush to get it finished.

I hope that everyone has a great weekend!

Aug 2, 2009

Kookie Krazy Giveaway

These cookies sound like they are to die for and now you get a chance to try them out. Head over to the Blisstree and check out this contest!

Kookie Krazy Giveaway

Good luck and blessings!
Aug 1, 2009

Here's To Health

As I have mentioned, I am in the process of quitting smoking. I haven't yet succeeded all the way but I have gone from a pack a day to a pack a week so I feel that I am making progress. I haven't noticed a change in the wind but then I never really had a problem with running out of breath. What is nice is the money that we are saving. When both myself and my husband were smoking, we were spending about $200 a month since the taxes were increased this last time. That is why we finally decided to quit.

Today we went a joined a gym just a couple miles from the house. They have some great classes that we can take at no additional charge which is nice. Though I think those will be more to DH's benefit as most of them are held when I am still at work. But they do have a nice pool and a woman's only workout room which I plan on taking advantage of. Best of all, they have showers!! This might not seem that important but the plumbing in our house is so messed up that we haven't had a shower since we moved in here 5 years ago. I can also see my water bills dropping as we won't have to run 2 baths a day. I weighed myself on the scale in the locker room and I am at 152.2 pounds. I will have to see where I am a month from now. Wish me luck. I would be extremely happy if I could get down to 135.

On the fibro front, I started taking a new drug that was approved for fibro in June. It is called Savella. I only started taking it a couple days ago so I am not sure just how it will work out but I can say that I have a lot more energy then I did. Maybe I will be able to get up early enough to go to the gym before work. I will have to let you all know how that works out.

On another unrelated topic.... our heat wave finally broke. It is pretty bad when 80 degree days feel cool. I am just not designed for a 100 degree days when humidity is up around 50%. Oh and we (myself and DH) haven't killed each other yet. We are dealing well with the added stress of the kids. And they are supposedly leaving next week. Well I will chat with you all later.

Jul 28, 2009

Heat Wave

I had all the best intentions of getting a lot done today as it is my day off and Sean has the boys with him on a Ferry ride. But you know what they say about best intentions. We are in the middle of a heat wave that us in Western Washington as just not used too. Right now it is 92 degrees with 46% humidity and it is almost 5 in the afternoon. Tomorrow it is supposed to get up to 99. If this keeps up, perhaps buying an air conditioner will end up being a need rather then a want. We have really messed up our global weather patterns with this global warming.

Well I did end up getting a couple chapters editing in a great book and now I think that I will catch up on my blogs. I am only about a week behind there.

Jul 23, 2009

Eye Before the Storm

Today is my last day of peace and quiet as this evening about 8:00 my DH's kids will be swarming us. I have to admit that they are bad kids, both boys aged 12 & 15, but I don't have kids for a reason. They are noisy and oh so active. It is rather hard to get my downtime with them around. Though it does cause me to have a whole new appreciation for mothers and I really wonder just how they make it to work on time.

They will be here for 2 weeks and I sure hope that we survive it. Since both myself and DH are either quitting or trying to quit smoking we have been snapping at each other. Adding the kids into the mix might prove combustible. But if we survive we can survive anything.

I started to teach myself how to use a bead loom last night. Slow going but I love watching the picture develop! It keeps my hands busy and I can do it while watching TV. Speaking of TV, I have discovered a new show in Syfy that I love. Warehouse 13. A paranormal cop show. Well worth watching.

Well I had better get back to work. Wish me luck!

Jul 16, 2009

It's a Fiesta!

I love color and I need new dishes. I admit that I have been drolling over the colors of Fiesta Ware and have been coveting some of my own. The only problem is the cost. I just couldn't justify spending over a hundred for a set of everyday dishes. Well I was wandering about Amazon and found a deal on a 20 piece set for only $65. Can you tell that I am excited. Of course the DH when I told him about my find was totally baffled about just why I was excited. The man has no appreciation. Though perhaps if we ever got the house remodeled and a place found for everything that is just stashed where ever, he might aquire one. Hmmm...maybe if I made up a wishlist for birthdays and anniversaries, he might then love my fiesta ware. Who knows. But I am happy :)

Jul 14, 2009

Decisions Decisions....

I never thought that I was a pushover. That is until I took a look at all the things that I am/was involved in. No wonder that I don't have a lot of time to just play. And when I do take time for myself to spend reading or designing a necklace I actually feel guilty. Well no more! I have offloaded a couple of my obligations that took up the most time.

The first was TERRA where I have been on the board for the past several years with the last couple being as Chair. When elections came up this year, I declined to run. I will still be attending the events and helping out but it will be as I find the time rather then I have to be there because.... This commitment took up a lot of time with slow months meaning that I only had 4 days tied. Busy months..well it varied.

The next string I released was ownership of Love Romances. At one time we were the largest online review site. Over the last year or so, we've been slowing changing from website to blog as my health wouldn't allow me to spend 40 hours a month updating the website. I have gradually been withdrawing the management and leaving more and more to my co-owner Gina. Well today I sent out the notification that I am stepping down entirely and just going back to reviewing. Now I can sit, read and not feel guilty.

Now I just have to remember that I can't do it all and not get myself volunteered. Of course, I still have my fingers in many pies as I am the webmaster for another volunteer organization what is just now putting up a website. I will share that URL when it is actually live. I also still edit books for Red Rose Publishing and I have started to review teas for TeaViews. I think that should be enough to keep my busy and when not, my beads are calling my name.

Jul 3, 2009

Charm Bracelet Giveaway

The Mommy-Files & the Charm Factory are giving away a wonderful charm bracelet and you even get to pick your charms.

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Yesterday was my birthday and I had a wonderful time relaxing. playing on my computer. I did start a new necklace also while watching SHO's Nurse Jackie. Interesting quirky show.

The high point of yesterday had to have been dinner. We went out to The Melting Pot. Now this is one of my favorite restaurants that we don't get to go to very often. It is always a bit spendy. For two people we spent $120 including the tip. But the food is soooo worth it. We tried a new chocolate fondue this time around. The Bananas Foster is with white chocolate, bananas and cinnamon. It was too die for. So if anyone is looking for a dining experience (it takes about two hours) be sure to check out your local Melting Pot.

Today we are going up to play on the Kitsap Penisula. I will be sure to get some pics.

Jun 28, 2009

Struck Finally

I haven't been posting much about my jewelry as my Muse has been on vacation for the past several months. However last night she pocked her little head up. Please forgive the pictures. Now I see why people say that Swaroski is hard to photograph.

This photo is really washed out. It didn't seem to matter what I did. I wasn't able to get the colors to come thru strongly. The main color scheme is turquoise with swaroski crystals.

This is one that I made for myself with an art bead and swarvoski crystals. I have had this bead for over a year just waiting for the right way to use it. Here is a close up of it.

I just love those colors!

Well a great end to a day that started off not quite so well.

Jun 27, 2009

Taste of Tacoma

Well we went out to the Taste of Tacoma today. This is the yearly pre-4th celebration that is put on every year by the City at a gorgeous park called Pt Defiance. Now me and my husband have always loved going but that might very well change. In the past, we would go down with one of our dogs and spend the day trying great food and listening to great music. Well this year was different.

It started out when we tried to find a handicapped parking. We were sent in a long half circle that took almost 15 minutes to complete just to be told that they were out of handicapped parking. So we started around the loop again to get to the regular parking. There we were charged $10 for their overflow handicapped parking. This is the first time I have ever been charged for handicapped parking. The parking attendant's comment was that it was still a car and I could park farther away. This is after they closed, and I mean closed not filled, all of the handicapped parking the park has. I am going to be investigating the legalities of that. But that is an aside.

So we finally got parked and made our way into the Taste. Once there we found that most of the areas were off limits to dogs. I could understand that in some cases but the Taste has always been a family event with kids and dogs. I am just glad that I am brought my MinPin so that I could carry her into forbidden areas. We definitely didn't spend the day. We ate, wandered a bit and left. One tradition ruined and I don't even know who to blame.

Jun 23, 2009

Checking In

I have been utterly horrible lately about posting here. I wish that I could say that I have just been too busy having fun, but the truth is that lately I don't even set up my computer when I get home. I set down and read for a couple hours then I head off to bed. And since I am on loan to another department at work, I am not able to even hit my blog during the day. That however will change on Monday when I return to my normal job. I am kinda looking forward to it on one hand and on another I would have preferred to stay on loan for another month or so. That way I wouldn't have to stress being one of the top sellers this summer. Oh well.

My vacation starts next Tuesday. And no I am not going anywhere. It is just to hard to arrange with 4 dogs and the cats. Besides I am quitting smoking next week so I am not too sure how bouncy I will be. I started taking the stop smoking drug today and I am really hoping that it works without putting 40 lbs on me. That's what happened last time I quit and that was why I started smoking again. My back just can't handle the added weight.

Well that's all for now. I hope that everyone is having a great week.

Jun 18, 2009

I won a Contest!!

I actually won a set of beads but Jenn the owner and designer offered me a choice of her beads or a pair of earrings she designed. Since I am a jewelry slut and don't get the opportunity to acquire much jewelry made by others, I chose the earrings. They arrived about a week ago (I know I am slow) and I wanted to share them with you.

I have never received anything from Hong Kong so I had to get a picture of the envelope. Hmmm maybe not. It showed my home address and I am sorry. I am just not up to that kind of sharing yet. Sorry.

Now once I opened up the outer wrappings, I was in for a real surprise! Jenn had enclosed the earrings in the sweetest little gift box complete with a tag. You have to see this! I am just sorry that the image isn't clearer. All of these photos were taken with my blackberry.

Now onto the main event! These are the sweetest earrings. So comfortable and springey.

I have never tried a leverback earring before and you all would have been laughing watching me put them in for the first time. Once on though, they are so light that I forget that I have them in.
I highly recommend hitting Jenn's blog and checking out all she has to offer.

Oh and here is another pic of the earrings..a closeup you can say.

Thank you so much Jenn!

Jun 10, 2009

Midweek Hump

Don't you just love Wednesdays? They just mean that the weekend is that much closer. Of course the DH is always working on weekends. Doncha just love retail work ? Everything is going much better on that front. In fact, Monday he had his second visit with the counselor and that evening he pops up with the fact that they were discussing me and it brought home to him how much he appreciates me and that he doesn't let me know that enough. That was very nice to hear. I also found out that my husband of eight years really does know how to give a massage. How did I not know that for eight years? Either I didn't ask correctly before or he has been picking up tips from our massage therapist. Well now I know and I won't be forgetting.

Oh I got some nice pics of our Shiba Inu, Kitsune which I will be sharing. I love my new BB. I have found that I am good at pics. Or at least animal pics. Well they are all sitting before my chair asking to be let out.


Jun 7, 2009

Kamazi Kat

He looks all sweet and innocent but I tell you that this cat has the soul of a ninja! Here I was Thursday finally getting a good night sleep when I feel something slam into my face. I reach the hand up to discover wetness. So I get up to stumble to the bathroom to discover that I am covered in blood! I have six scratches across my face, one nearly in my right eye. So don't let their looks deceive you!

The funny thing is that I swear this cat feels guilt. I told him that I was mad at him and wasn't going to have anything to do with him (I don't usually anyway as he is my husband's cat) and all of sudden he is being all sweet to me. Laying on my lap, and he doesn't like to lay in anyone's lap, and sleeping on my stomach. This has been going on since he did it. I wonder if he is going to be all sweet until the scratches are gone and I forget about it?

Sorry that I haven't been blogging a lot lately. I have been temporarily loaned out to another department and I just haven't had the time as I usually blog during the dead times at work. Heck I haven't even been able to keep up with the blogs that I follow. The paychecks will be nice as I am getting a higher rate of pay as loaner but I sure am earning that pay.

Actually had a nice relaxing weekend. Yesterday I went over to my friend Joyce's house to learn to do Viking Knit. It isn't as difficult as I would have thought though true to course I keep dropping stitches.... Today I went out and got my nails done. Then I have just been sitting here playing on Facebook and reading my blogs.

I hope that everyone else had a relaxing weekend!

Jun 2, 2009

Where have all the DRs gone?

I think that I mentioned it earlier that I had a doctor's appointment. Well that was all fine and dandy except when I was talking to him about my fibro and how I was taking more then max of my tramadol and I was still hurting. He just kinda told me that there was nothing else that he prescribe me and that I will just have to deal with the pain. He also advised me that he doesn't consider fibro to be a disability.

So now I am off to find another Dr. I talked to friends that have fibro and like their docs just to find out that their DRs aren't accepting any new patients. The only DR that is, doesn't accept my insurance and wants $500 for the initial consultation. So if anyone who lives in the Tacoma area who has a Dr that works with fibro and is accepting patients please let me kn0w.

Had a fight with the husband today. He is starting to see a counseler for depressionn which will hopefully help. But I am fed up with him not living up to the contract that he agreed to with me. I was supposed to make the money (which I do) and he was supposed to keep up the house (which he doesn't). When we bought our home five years ago, it needed alot of work and well DH hasn't done any of it yet. So yes I am fed up.

I sure hope that everyone is having a better day then I am.

May 31, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Arg!! I had this nice long post typed up and then my firefix decided to close on it's own. So instead of retyping everything I will just share a photo that I have taken with my new Blackberry Curve.

This is Bastian aka Bast. He is my husband's cat which it really surprising considering that Saje doesn't really like felines. But from the moment we picked Bast up he was a daddy's boy.

Well I hope that you have a beautiful Sunday afternoon!


Sunny Sunday

How is everyone today? It is definitely a lazy summer Sunday at my house. The weather is just gorgeous and it kinda makes me wonder if we have just skipped spring and moved right into summer. The warm dry weather definitely helps out with my fibro.

I have finally moved into the 21st century at least as far as my phone is concerned. I went ahead and picked myself up a Blackberry Curve. Definitely not the sleekest phone out there but I like the fact that I can keep up with my email with it. Though for some reason, it isn't downloading any of my email today. Another nice thing about it is that it has a decent camera on it. Which is a good thing as I was planning on getting myself a good camera next month but instead I will be paying off my new toy.

Wow I just found the post that I had typed up a bit ago so I decided to publish it.

May 27, 2009


Dami, my best friend for the last 9 years, left us at 4am this morning. This is the cat that I swear always asked himself before doing anything if it was polite. He was a true gentleman cat. I think that it hit me the hardest this morning when I got up to get ready for work. Dami had always met me at the bedroom door in the morning. This morning he just wasn't there.

He will live on in my heart but my lap is going to be lonely.

Dami I will love you forever.

May 25, 2009

Lazy Days

I know that there are things that I need to get done. I want to rearrange my studio which involves painting some dressers as they are trashed and moving things around. I have a book that I need to finish editing and I need to tackle the kitchen again. But what I am doing? Playing bingo online and droning. I think that I need to relieve stress as Dami isn't doing too well. It is still touch and go. For awhile we were getting him to eat and now it is back to force feeding him. I really wish that I had a camera so that I could take some good pictures of him as I am not too sure how much longer I will have him around.

The good news is that I have one more day off. I don't have to go back to work until Wednesday since with my new shift I have Tuesdays off. These days off have been good for me.

What did you do with your weekend?

May 22, 2009

It's Friday!!

It's Friday and the start of a 4 day weekend. I really feel as though I should be doing the snoopy dance or at the very least, lighting off fireworks. I am determined to relax but also get some things done. If the weatherman hasn't lied to us, it should be a gorgeous weekend and that is my cue to finally paint the dressers for my studio. I plan on totally rearranging to give me more workspace. And hopefully waking up my muse. Don't tell anyone but she has been off on a vacation and forgot to take me take with her. What a slut....

So do you have any big plans for the holiday weekend? Perhaps camping with the family or curling up in a hammock with a good book?

May 19, 2009

Swing up...swing all goes around

Does that look like fun? I always wanted to learn to swing dance. Now I am not too sure if my body would agree with me but it would be trying to convince it :)

Now how does swing relate to the post? I really thing that my life is back on the upswing! Can you tell that I am excited? For awhile it was all it both.

Dami has finally turned the corner. He is eating and gaining back his strength. Now I just have adjust to being home every 12 hours from the rest of his life. I didn't really think that it was much of a big deal as we don't tend to go anywhere overnight. But this will really effect me/us more then that. There will be no more grabbing Sean from the front of the house as I get off work so that we can go out to dinner without me dealing with the animals first. No more playing speed after 8. But there are good things also. I am not losing one of my best friends. Not being able to reach over and pet him while I am playing on the computer would tear me up. I should also be able to save money not playing speed bingo so it is all good.

I have also been stressing work lately. I work in a team based enviroment and every year we go thru our shift bids and team realignments. I really like my supervisor Jessica and didn't want to have to change teams. I could probably deal with being on most of the other sup's teams, just not thrive like I do here with Jess. But there is one sup that I am afraid would make me snap. Well all my stress came to naught. Jess was able to keep me on her team. You can't imagine how relieved I was when I saw the teams.

I get to go to the DRs today. Want to see about quitting smoking. That should be a good thing right? Well I am worried about gaining weight. The last time I quit I gained about 40 lbs and that was causing a lot of back pain. There is supposedly a new drug out though that helps you quit while loosing the lbs. My fibro has been acting up also. For the last few years, I have been able to pretty much control the pain by taking 400mg of tramadol a day. Now I find myself taking more and more tramadol and it doesn't want to help with the pain. I am hoping that there is another drug that I can take that will help.

May 15, 2009

As the Vet Turns

Sorry that I have been absent for the last few days. I have been totally distracted with worry about my cat. It looks like we might have finally turned the corner but it has been a rough few days. It looks like the diagnosis is most definitely feline diabetes along with a few other nasties like a bladder infection. We are still force feeding him and he has spent the day at the vet these last two days receiving IV fluids. His temperature was really low yesterday which is another worry. But he is finally starting to get a tad feisty when being pilled which is a good thing.

May 12, 2009

Market Spice Indian Spice Tea

On my trip on Saturday to Pike Place Market, I did pick up four different teas to try. Since I have gotten my Zarafina Tea Maker, I am discovering just how good the teas I like can really taste when one regulates the temperature and time! I have been in tea heaven and wanted to expand my horizons.

I have already reported my thoughts on the Market Chai blend but I had one more from Market Spice Teas to try. When I picked up the Indian Spice, I was told that it was a spiced chai with extra cinnamon added. Now that just sounded yummy so I picked up 4 ounces. The price wasn't bad as it was only $5.72. So I will give it kudos for that however none for the taste. When I smelled the tea I was wondering just where the cinnamon or any of the spices for that matter was hiding. I was really hoping that they would come out in the brew. Unfortunately not. This tea was so bland that the addition of honey and cream in the chai tradition totally washed out the taste. It was hard to even taste the black tea base. So if you like a chai with any kick avoid this tea.

I rate it an 1/2 out of 5.


Fibromyalgia Awareness Day!

Today is Fibromyalgia Awareness Day! If you know anyone with this disease be sure to do something nice for them. If you have it, commit to facing misunderstand face on with knowledge.

On another front, Dami is going back to the vet today. His bloodwork came back and it isn't good. His blood sugar levels are really high and his white blood count is also elevated. I am hoping that it is simply diabetes not something more severe that we won't be able to beat without hoards of money that we just don't have. So if anyone has energy to spare, please think of poor Dami. He could really use a boost about now.

May 11, 2009

New Frontiers

I very rarely go out to the movies as I prefer to curl up in a recliner with Bella Boo (my Min Pin) and one or two kitties. While I am watching TV or a movie seems to the only time that I can set aside to bead anymore. And here I go rambling again..well kinda.

So anyways, I had mentioned that we were planning to go see Wolverine. Instead, I let my DH talk me into the new Star Trek. I am really glad that I did. I grew up on ST but grew really discouraged by the offering after Next Generation. This movie caused me to fall in love all over again. I would love to see this cast in a weekly series but I doubt that will ever happen. I do recommend this movie to any old school trekker.

Since ST is all about new frontier, do you have any new frontiers that you would like to explore this year? I know that I want to explore photography and editing so that I can finally get my jewelry uploaded to my Etsy site.

May 10, 2009


It has been an interesting time since I last blogged. Things have been happening that are both good and not some good. My fibro was acting up so I left work early on Friday. It is really hard to talk when you can't take a deep breath. So anyways, I went to the Emerald Queen and won a jackpot on a penny machine. So here I am thinking that I am actually ahead and will pay ahead on some bills. Then I get home.

Dami, my older cat, has been loosing weight and I have been having to coax him to eat. Well now he is refusing to eat at all. So off to the emergency vet with Dami and my husband. They are not quite sure what is up with him but they gave him some sub-Q fluids and a massive dose of antibotics. They also sent me home with antibotics, some eye drops and some appetite stimulents. Around this house you usually see appetite depressents, not stimulents.... So we get up yesterday morning and Dami appears to be doing a lot better. Our trip to Seattle is on!

We left about noon planning on seeing the new Wolverine movie in Kent before we headed up to Seattle but my DH got the movie theatre wrong. The one that we went to was like a dollar theatre showing old movies for $3. It would have been quite the find if it was only closer to home. So we decided to forgoe the movie and instead when directly into Seattle.

Off to Pike Place Market. I love that market! There was a time that you could find some really great buys there but now it has become quite the tourist trap. Everything is priced pretty dearly but I did get a chance to pick up four new teas. The only one I have tried yet is the Market Spice Market Chai. I can't give it a very high rating as it is rather bland for a Chai. In fact, I would only rate it a 1 out of 5. Even the addition of cream washes the flavor out. So if you like a Chai that is spiced at all beyond the bare mininum then skip this one. We also picked up some sausages that I am going to grill tonight. I have hopes for them.

After bumming around Pike Place for a few hours, we headed out for dinner. I found an Italian restaurant at the half price section of a radio station. Pasta Freska on Westlake is an interesting place. There are no menus. Instead the chef comes out and askes what you don't like to eat. He then proceeds to make you a meal. And what a meal! There ended up being 7 courses; an appetizer, a course I don't know what to call consisting of bread laden with cheese and roasted garlic, an antipasta course, a pasta course, a meat course and a fish course. And of course, desert to finish it all off. None of the servings were very large but all together, there was enough food to even fill up my husband. It was quite the experience not knowing when the food would stop and everything was delicious. I would rate it easily a 4 out of 5. Check it out if you are ever in Seattle.

After that we came home and took care of the kids. The dogs were quite grumbly that we left them home all day on a Saturday. I don't know how they can know what day of the week it is especially considering that Sean has been off since Thursday but they can.

May 8, 2009


Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary. It is hard to believe that I have actually been married 8 years. They do say that the third time is a charm and it really seems to have worked out that way for me. Looking back to when I met Sean, I have undergone several changes. When I first meet Sean online, I was living in a loft apartment that I absolutely loved with 3 cats, only one of which was mine, and working at Key Bank living from paycheck to paycheck. Almost all of my time off, playing World of Darkness online. In fact, it is kinda surprising that I even met my husband as he wasn't involved with WOD at all. Meeting him was like being struck by lightening. I did everything wrong as I was alone when I met him, stayed the night with him that first date and he moved in 2 days later.

We have had our up and downs along the way but it has all been worth it. Sean is the one person in my life that I can count on to love and support me no matter what. He has already been there thru periods of unemployment, car accidents and my fibromyalgia. I wouldn't call him my soulmate as we are both do different and I am very complete within myself, but he does make my life much better and worth getting up every day.

Oh and by the way, I am now in a job that I love making 4 times what I did at Key and we own our own home

May 7, 2009

Wasting Time

Ever had a day where you wonder where the time went and feel like you have accomplished not a darn thing. I feel that I had a busy day but it was mostly busy work. I finally caught up on reading all my blogs, played around a bit on face book and worked on my blog format. Next thing I know it is 8 o'clock and I haven't even posted today. So this is just a quickie..

I do have a couple questions for you all. How do you like my new format and what is your favorite way to waste time?

May 6, 2009

Bad Days, Good Days

Life with fibromyalgia can be interesting. There are some days where it hardly seems to effect me and others when doing anything takes more effort then most people can imagine. I count myself lucky as I am one sufferer that is able to work and usually go about my daily activities. Even so, I have days where it is hard to get out of bed to get ready to work.

Fibromyalgia Awareness Day is May 12th. And this is one disease that needs awareness. Most sufferers spend years trying to figure out just what is wrong with them. Doctors, unless they are really aware of this syndrome tend to think that all of our complaints are in our heads. I urge anyone that is undergoing this struggle to try to find a doctor that is willing to listen and work with them. Fibro isn't all in our minds.

May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

Being that it is Cinco de Mayo today, we had potluck consisting of the entire sales department. Pulling that together was a marvel of engineering considering that the sales department is 100 strong and they didn't put out sign up sheets until the last minute (yesterday). The food was really good.

Cinco de Mayo is a holiday that we have really embraced here in the US and I was curious just what we were celebrating. I was amazed to discover that in Mexico it is primarily a regional holiday celebrated in Puebla. It feels strange to discover that we celebrate the holiday more here then in the country where it originated.

I know that a lot of people reach for a Corona today, but I am older and have never been one to drink. So I usually just fix a taco dinner for myself and my DH. So do you celebrate it? And with what activities?

May 4, 2009

Decisions Decisions

Don't you hate when you have to make a decision that will effect your life for the next year and you only have 5 minutes to make it? Act in haste. I just hope that I don't regret it later.

Today was our shift bids. Here in the call center we are given a list of shifts available and we have to pick which one we want based on seniority. As each person makes their choice that shift is crossed off...gone..finito... This time I was seriously planning on grabbing a 9 to 5 shift (yes I do have some seniority built up) so that I would have time after work to take a yoga class at the gym I am planning on joining. But when I went in there, there was still an earlier shift of 4 10s. I tried...tried very hard to resist it but I failed. I am now working a 7:45 to 6:45. The only problem is that my yoga class starts at 6:30. Guess that I will have to find another class.

May 3, 2009

Beltaine 2009

What a wonderful day to celebrate Beltaine. Just windy enough to keep it from being too warm and the clouds far enough away that we didn't get wet. There was a lot of new faces and some from the past that I haven't seen in a few years. The ritual was slightly long but the Priest planned for this by letting us all know to bring chairs. It was just a totally feel good way to end a weekend. I just wish that I had a small digital camera so that I could share some pictures with everyone.

If you are pagan and up in the Tacoma area be sure to check out TERRA. They do a wonderful job of being pagans together and hosting rituals. I have been on the board for the last several years and will stepping down as Chair in June. It is going to be strange to not be that involved but I really think that it is time to move on. I will be be participating just not responsible. Maybe that change will be enough to clear some time off of my calendar so that I will be able to go back to school.


Brighten your life

I just discovered a wonderful contest at VivaBella where you can win some jewelry to die for and some great make up. Be sure to stop by

and check it out!

Quality vs Quantity

It occurred to me while I was taking a bath this morning that writing this blog will be a good thing for me. It will force me to organize my thoughts rather then having them flit away on me. It will allow me to look back over my posts a year from now to see how I have grown.

While trying to get my muscles to relax in a hot bath this morning I was pondering quality of life vs quantity. You see, I have fibromyalgia and high cholesterol. With the fibro, I have both good and bad days. The weather really seems to effect me in that rain will cause all my muscles to ache so badly that moving isn't a fun thing. And yes I do live where it rains alot. I am still working on moving to Arizona. My husband for some reason is addicted to trees . So as you can see, I do really treasure my good days.

Then the high cholesterol raises its nasty head. We (my doctor and myself) first tried to bring it under control with diet and exercise. But while I am kinda overweight, I am about 30 lbs short of being obese, and I don't tend to eat fatty foods. We exist on alot of chicken breasts in this household as my husband has trouble digesting beef. So needless to say, that route didn't do a thing, neither did the fish oil pills. The next step was trying the various drugs to reduce my numbers. We tried 3 of them hoping to find one that didn't cause my fibro to totally flare up. I finally had to look within myself and decide that I really don't care if my cholestrol causes me to die younger. It is far more important to me to be able to enjoy life when I am around. Oh and I discovered great side effect of this decision. I don't tend to stress things like Swine Flu. Stress interferes with my enjoyment of life so it has to go by the wayside.

Have you had to make this kinda of decision? And what did you decide?
May 2, 2009

Dreary Days

It seems as everyone has a blog nowadays. I finally decided that it is time for myself to join the craze. What will I write about? Well I am not quite sure just what will come out but I think that it will be about my life on Ash with my menagerie and perhaps I will share some finds from other blogs. There are always wonderful things out there that people are asking to be shared. My hopes for this blog is that I will become more disciplined about writing and I commit to update it at least twice a week which means that I will need to learn to start taking pictures especially if I am planning on sharing my menagerie with you all. Speaking of sharing my furkids, here is a link to a post by my DH who describes them better then I could ever dream of.

Today is Saturday and it is a rather gloomy one at that. Spring is really having issues this year. We have a few days of teaser weather but then it is back to rain. Thank goodness that it has been warm enough though to open up the house. It doesn't seem to matter how much Febreeze I spray when the house is closed up for the winter, it starts to smell rather doggy. Speaking of doggy, Kharma, my Pom, went in today to the groomers. He is so cute when we have his hair cut back, kinda like a plush stuffie. And he is so much happier. I never thought that my macho Pom would like to wear sweaters.

At least a rainy day makes for one that I can curl up in my chair and play on the internet. I really should be working on a book that I am editing but I can't seem to find the ambition today. What is it about a dreary day that seems to suck the drive right of a person? Here I have a list of things to do and I can't seem to bend my mind around any of them. So I sent the DH off to work and I am here with a cuppa tea and chatting with you all.