May 2, 2009

Dreary Days

It seems as everyone has a blog nowadays. I finally decided that it is time for myself to join the craze. What will I write about? Well I am not quite sure just what will come out but I think that it will be about my life on Ash with my menagerie and perhaps I will share some finds from other blogs. There are always wonderful things out there that people are asking to be shared. My hopes for this blog is that I will become more disciplined about writing and I commit to update it at least twice a week which means that I will need to learn to start taking pictures especially if I am planning on sharing my menagerie with you all. Speaking of sharing my furkids, here is a link to a post by my DH who describes them better then I could ever dream of.

Today is Saturday and it is a rather gloomy one at that. Spring is really having issues this year. We have a few days of teaser weather but then it is back to rain. Thank goodness that it has been warm enough though to open up the house. It doesn't seem to matter how much Febreeze I spray when the house is closed up for the winter, it starts to smell rather doggy. Speaking of doggy, Kharma, my Pom, went in today to the groomers. He is so cute when we have his hair cut back, kinda like a plush stuffie. And he is so much happier. I never thought that my macho Pom would like to wear sweaters.

At least a rainy day makes for one that I can curl up in my chair and play on the internet. I really should be working on a book that I am editing but I can't seem to find the ambition today. What is it about a dreary day that seems to suck the drive right of a person? Here I have a list of things to do and I can't seem to bend my mind around any of them. So I sent the DH off to work and I am here with a cuppa tea and chatting with you all.


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