May 10, 2009


It has been an interesting time since I last blogged. Things have been happening that are both good and not some good. My fibro was acting up so I left work early on Friday. It is really hard to talk when you can't take a deep breath. So anyways, I went to the Emerald Queen and won a jackpot on a penny machine. So here I am thinking that I am actually ahead and will pay ahead on some bills. Then I get home.

Dami, my older cat, has been loosing weight and I have been having to coax him to eat. Well now he is refusing to eat at all. So off to the emergency vet with Dami and my husband. They are not quite sure what is up with him but they gave him some sub-Q fluids and a massive dose of antibotics. They also sent me home with antibotics, some eye drops and some appetite stimulents. Around this house you usually see appetite depressents, not stimulents.... So we get up yesterday morning and Dami appears to be doing a lot better. Our trip to Seattle is on!

We left about noon planning on seeing the new Wolverine movie in Kent before we headed up to Seattle but my DH got the movie theatre wrong. The one that we went to was like a dollar theatre showing old movies for $3. It would have been quite the find if it was only closer to home. So we decided to forgoe the movie and instead when directly into Seattle.

Off to Pike Place Market. I love that market! There was a time that you could find some really great buys there but now it has become quite the tourist trap. Everything is priced pretty dearly but I did get a chance to pick up four new teas. The only one I have tried yet is the Market Spice Market Chai. I can't give it a very high rating as it is rather bland for a Chai. In fact, I would only rate it a 1 out of 5. Even the addition of cream washes the flavor out. So if you like a Chai that is spiced at all beyond the bare mininum then skip this one. We also picked up some sausages that I am going to grill tonight. I have hopes for them.

After bumming around Pike Place for a few hours, we headed out for dinner. I found an Italian restaurant at the half price section of a radio station. Pasta Freska on Westlake is an interesting place. There are no menus. Instead the chef comes out and askes what you don't like to eat. He then proceeds to make you a meal. And what a meal! There ended up being 7 courses; an appetizer, a course I don't know what to call consisting of bread laden with cheese and roasted garlic, an antipasta course, a pasta course, a meat course and a fish course. And of course, desert to finish it all off. None of the servings were very large but all together, there was enough food to even fill up my husband. It was quite the experience not knowing when the food would stop and everything was delicious. I would rate it easily a 4 out of 5. Check it out if you are ever in Seattle.

After that we came home and took care of the kids. The dogs were quite grumbly that we left them home all day on a Saturday. I don't know how they can know what day of the week it is especially considering that Sean has been off since Thursday but they can.



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