May 12, 2009

Market Spice Indian Spice Tea

On my trip on Saturday to Pike Place Market, I did pick up four different teas to try. Since I have gotten my Zarafina Tea Maker, I am discovering just how good the teas I like can really taste when one regulates the temperature and time! I have been in tea heaven and wanted to expand my horizons.

I have already reported my thoughts on the Market Chai blend but I had one more from Market Spice Teas to try. When I picked up the Indian Spice, I was told that it was a spiced chai with extra cinnamon added. Now that just sounded yummy so I picked up 4 ounces. The price wasn't bad as it was only $5.72. So I will give it kudos for that however none for the taste. When I smelled the tea I was wondering just where the cinnamon or any of the spices for that matter was hiding. I was really hoping that they would come out in the brew. Unfortunately not. This tea was so bland that the addition of honey and cream in the chai tradition totally washed out the taste. It was hard to even taste the black tea base. So if you like a chai with any kick avoid this tea.

I rate it an 1/2 out of 5.



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