May 11, 2009

New Frontiers

I very rarely go out to the movies as I prefer to curl up in a recliner with Bella Boo (my Min Pin) and one or two kitties. While I am watching TV or a movie seems to the only time that I can set aside to bead anymore. And here I go rambling again..well kinda.

So anyways, I had mentioned that we were planning to go see Wolverine. Instead, I let my DH talk me into the new Star Trek. I am really glad that I did. I grew up on ST but grew really discouraged by the offering after Next Generation. This movie caused me to fall in love all over again. I would love to see this cast in a weekly series but I doubt that will ever happen. I do recommend this movie to any old school trekker.

Since ST is all about new frontier, do you have any new frontiers that you would like to explore this year? I know that I want to explore photography and editing so that I can finally get my jewelry uploaded to my Etsy site.



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