May 31, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Arg!! I had this nice long post typed up and then my firefix decided to close on it's own. So instead of retyping everything I will just share a photo that I have taken with my new Blackberry Curve.

This is Bastian aka Bast. He is my husband's cat which it really surprising considering that Saje doesn't really like felines. But from the moment we picked Bast up he was a daddy's boy.

Well I hope that you have a beautiful Sunday afternoon!



  1. Testing to see if folks can really leave comments.

  2. Well, looks like it's working fine! But I got a warning before I moved from your profile to your blog that you have content that may be objectionable - adult content! Hmmm, that's not what I'M seeing! :) There is somewhere in the settings where it asks if you have adult content or not. I'm guessing you clicked it on accident. Or maybe you're planning on getting racy?

  3. Hi there! I received the same message as Bettejo, ruh roh..

  4. Heck no.. I might be racy but not on the


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