May 31, 2009

Sunny Sunday

How is everyone today? It is definitely a lazy summer Sunday at my house. The weather is just gorgeous and it kinda makes me wonder if we have just skipped spring and moved right into summer. The warm dry weather definitely helps out with my fibro.

I have finally moved into the 21st century at least as far as my phone is concerned. I went ahead and picked myself up a Blackberry Curve. Definitely not the sleekest phone out there but I like the fact that I can keep up with my email with it. Though for some reason, it isn't downloading any of my email today. Another nice thing about it is that it has a decent camera on it. Which is a good thing as I was planning on getting myself a good camera next month but instead I will be paying off my new toy.

Wow I just found the post that I had typed up a bit ago so I decided to publish it.



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