May 19, 2009

Swing up...swing all goes around

Does that look like fun? I always wanted to learn to swing dance. Now I am not too sure if my body would agree with me but it would be trying to convince it :)

Now how does swing relate to the post? I really thing that my life is back on the upswing! Can you tell that I am excited? For awhile it was all it both.

Dami has finally turned the corner. He is eating and gaining back his strength. Now I just have adjust to being home every 12 hours from the rest of his life. I didn't really think that it was much of a big deal as we don't tend to go anywhere overnight. But this will really effect me/us more then that. There will be no more grabbing Sean from the front of the house as I get off work so that we can go out to dinner without me dealing with the animals first. No more playing speed after 8. But there are good things also. I am not losing one of my best friends. Not being able to reach over and pet him while I am playing on the computer would tear me up. I should also be able to save money not playing speed bingo so it is all good.

I have also been stressing work lately. I work in a team based enviroment and every year we go thru our shift bids and team realignments. I really like my supervisor Jessica and didn't want to have to change teams. I could probably deal with being on most of the other sup's teams, just not thrive like I do here with Jess. But there is one sup that I am afraid would make me snap. Well all my stress came to naught. Jess was able to keep me on her team. You can't imagine how relieved I was when I saw the teams.

I get to go to the DRs today. Want to see about quitting smoking. That should be a good thing right? Well I am worried about gaining weight. The last time I quit I gained about 40 lbs and that was causing a lot of back pain. There is supposedly a new drug out though that helps you quit while loosing the lbs. My fibro has been acting up also. For the last few years, I have been able to pretty much control the pain by taking 400mg of tramadol a day. Now I find myself taking more and more tramadol and it doesn't want to help with the pain. I am hoping that there is another drug that I can take that will help.



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