Jun 28, 2009

Struck Finally

I haven't been posting much about my jewelry as my Muse has been on vacation for the past several months. However last night she pocked her little head up. Please forgive the pictures. Now I see why people say that Swaroski is hard to photograph.

This photo is really washed out. It didn't seem to matter what I did. I wasn't able to get the colors to come thru strongly. The main color scheme is turquoise with swaroski crystals.

This is one that I made for myself with an art bead and swarvoski crystals. I have had this bead for over a year just waiting for the right way to use it. Here is a close up of it.

I just love those colors!

Well a great end to a day that started off not quite so well.

Jun 27, 2009

Taste of Tacoma

Well we went out to the Taste of Tacoma today. This is the yearly pre-4th celebration that is put on every year by the City at a gorgeous park called Pt Defiance. Now me and my husband have always loved going but that might very well change. In the past, we would go down with one of our dogs and spend the day trying great food and listening to great music. Well this year was different.

It started out when we tried to find a handicapped parking. We were sent in a long half circle that took almost 15 minutes to complete just to be told that they were out of handicapped parking. So we started around the loop again to get to the regular parking. There we were charged $10 for their overflow handicapped parking. This is the first time I have ever been charged for handicapped parking. The parking attendant's comment was that it was still a car and I could park farther away. This is after they closed, and I mean closed not filled, all of the handicapped parking the park has. I am going to be investigating the legalities of that. But that is an aside.

So we finally got parked and made our way into the Taste. Once there we found that most of the areas were off limits to dogs. I could understand that in some cases but the Taste has always been a family event with kids and dogs. I am just glad that I am brought my MinPin so that I could carry her into forbidden areas. We definitely didn't spend the day. We ate, wandered a bit and left. One tradition ruined and I don't even know who to blame.

Jun 23, 2009

Checking In

I have been utterly horrible lately about posting here. I wish that I could say that I have just been too busy having fun, but the truth is that lately I don't even set up my computer when I get home. I set down and read for a couple hours then I head off to bed. And since I am on loan to another department at work, I am not able to even hit my blog during the day. That however will change on Monday when I return to my normal job. I am kinda looking forward to it on one hand and on another I would have preferred to stay on loan for another month or so. That way I wouldn't have to stress being one of the top sellers this summer. Oh well.

My vacation starts next Tuesday. And no I am not going anywhere. It is just to hard to arrange with 4 dogs and the cats. Besides I am quitting smoking next week so I am not too sure how bouncy I will be. I started taking the stop smoking drug today and I am really hoping that it works without putting 40 lbs on me. That's what happened last time I quit and that was why I started smoking again. My back just can't handle the added weight.

Well that's all for now. I hope that everyone is having a great week.

Jun 18, 2009

I won a Contest!!

I actually won a set of beads but Jenn the owner and designer offered me a choice of her beads or a pair of earrings she designed. Since I am a jewelry slut and don't get the opportunity to acquire much jewelry made by others, I chose the earrings. They arrived about a week ago (I know I am slow) and I wanted to share them with you.

I have never received anything from Hong Kong so I had to get a picture of the envelope. Hmmm maybe not. It showed my home address and I am sorry. I am just not up to that kind of sharing yet. Sorry.

Now once I opened up the outer wrappings, I was in for a real surprise! Jenn had enclosed the earrings in the sweetest little gift box complete with a tag. You have to see this! I am just sorry that the image isn't clearer. All of these photos were taken with my blackberry.

Now onto the main event! These are the sweetest earrings. So comfortable and springey.

I have never tried a leverback earring before and you all would have been laughing watching me put them in for the first time. Once on though, they are so light that I forget that I have them in.
I highly recommend hitting Jenn's blog and checking out all she has to offer.

Oh and here is another pic of the earrings..a closeup you can say.

Thank you so much Jenn!

Jun 10, 2009

Midweek Hump

Don't you just love Wednesdays? They just mean that the weekend is that much closer. Of course the DH is always working on weekends. Doncha just love retail work ? Everything is going much better on that front. In fact, Monday he had his second visit with the counselor and that evening he pops up with the fact that they were discussing me and it brought home to him how much he appreciates me and that he doesn't let me know that enough. That was very nice to hear. I also found out that my husband of eight years really does know how to give a massage. How did I not know that for eight years? Either I didn't ask correctly before or he has been picking up tips from our massage therapist. Well now I know and I won't be forgetting.

Oh I got some nice pics of our Shiba Inu, Kitsune which I will be sharing. I love my new BB. I have found that I am good at pics. Or at least animal pics. Well they are all sitting before my chair asking to be let out.


Jun 7, 2009

Kamazi Kat

He looks all sweet and innocent but I tell you that this cat has the soul of a ninja! Here I was Thursday finally getting a good night sleep when I feel something slam into my face. I reach the hand up to discover wetness. So I get up to stumble to the bathroom to discover that I am covered in blood! I have six scratches across my face, one nearly in my right eye. So don't let their looks deceive you!

The funny thing is that I swear this cat feels guilt. I told him that I was mad at him and wasn't going to have anything to do with him (I don't usually anyway as he is my husband's cat) and all of sudden he is being all sweet to me. Laying on my lap, and he doesn't like to lay in anyone's lap, and sleeping on my stomach. This has been going on since he did it. I wonder if he is going to be all sweet until the scratches are gone and I forget about it?

Sorry that I haven't been blogging a lot lately. I have been temporarily loaned out to another department and I just haven't had the time as I usually blog during the dead times at work. Heck I haven't even been able to keep up with the blogs that I follow. The paychecks will be nice as I am getting a higher rate of pay as loaner but I sure am earning that pay.

Actually had a nice relaxing weekend. Yesterday I went over to my friend Joyce's house to learn to do Viking Knit. It isn't as difficult as I would have thought though true to course I keep dropping stitches.... Today I went out and got my nails done. Then I have just been sitting here playing on Facebook and reading my blogs.

I hope that everyone else had a relaxing weekend!

Jun 2, 2009

Where have all the DRs gone?

I think that I mentioned it earlier that I had a doctor's appointment. Well that was all fine and dandy except when I was talking to him about my fibro and how I was taking more then max of my tramadol and I was still hurting. He just kinda told me that there was nothing else that he prescribe me and that I will just have to deal with the pain. He also advised me that he doesn't consider fibro to be a disability.

So now I am off to find another Dr. I talked to friends that have fibro and like their docs just to find out that their DRs aren't accepting any new patients. The only DR that is, doesn't accept my insurance and wants $500 for the initial consultation. So if anyone who lives in the Tacoma area who has a Dr that works with fibro and is accepting patients please let me kn0w.

Had a fight with the husband today. He is starting to see a counseler for depressionn which will hopefully help. But I am fed up with him not living up to the contract that he agreed to with me. I was supposed to make the money (which I do) and he was supposed to keep up the house (which he doesn't). When we bought our home five years ago, it needed alot of work and well DH hasn't done any of it yet. So yes I am fed up.

I sure hope that everyone is having a better day then I am.