Jun 27, 2009

Taste of Tacoma

Well we went out to the Taste of Tacoma today. This is the yearly pre-4th celebration that is put on every year by the City at a gorgeous park called Pt Defiance. Now me and my husband have always loved going but that might very well change. In the past, we would go down with one of our dogs and spend the day trying great food and listening to great music. Well this year was different.

It started out when we tried to find a handicapped parking. We were sent in a long half circle that took almost 15 minutes to complete just to be told that they were out of handicapped parking. So we started around the loop again to get to the regular parking. There we were charged $10 for their overflow handicapped parking. This is the first time I have ever been charged for handicapped parking. The parking attendant's comment was that it was still a car and I could park farther away. This is after they closed, and I mean closed not filled, all of the handicapped parking the park has. I am going to be investigating the legalities of that. But that is an aside.

So we finally got parked and made our way into the Taste. Once there we found that most of the areas were off limits to dogs. I could understand that in some cases but the Taste has always been a family event with kids and dogs. I am just glad that I am brought my MinPin so that I could carry her into forbidden areas. We definitely didn't spend the day. We ate, wandered a bit and left. One tradition ruined and I don't even know who to blame.



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