Jun 2, 2009

Where have all the DRs gone?

I think that I mentioned it earlier that I had a doctor's appointment. Well that was all fine and dandy except when I was talking to him about my fibro and how I was taking more then max of my tramadol and I was still hurting. He just kinda told me that there was nothing else that he prescribe me and that I will just have to deal with the pain. He also advised me that he doesn't consider fibro to be a disability.

So now I am off to find another Dr. I talked to friends that have fibro and like their docs just to find out that their DRs aren't accepting any new patients. The only DR that is, doesn't accept my insurance and wants $500 for the initial consultation. So if anyone who lives in the Tacoma area who has a Dr that works with fibro and is accepting patients please let me kn0w.

Had a fight with the husband today. He is starting to see a counseler for depressionn which will hopefully help. But I am fed up with him not living up to the contract that he agreed to with me. I was supposed to make the money (which I do) and he was supposed to keep up the house (which he doesn't). When we bought our home five years ago, it needed alot of work and well DH hasn't done any of it yet. So yes I am fed up.

I sure hope that everyone is having a better day then I am.



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