Jul 14, 2009

Decisions Decisions....

I never thought that I was a pushover. That is until I took a look at all the things that I am/was involved in. No wonder that I don't have a lot of time to just play. And when I do take time for myself to spend reading or designing a necklace I actually feel guilty. Well no more! I have offloaded a couple of my obligations that took up the most time.

The first was TERRA where I have been on the board for the past several years with the last couple being as Chair. When elections came up this year, I declined to run. I will still be attending the events and helping out but it will be as I find the time rather then I have to be there because.... This commitment took up a lot of time with slow months meaning that I only had 4 days tied. Busy months..well it varied.

The next string I released was ownership of Love Romances. At one time we were the largest online review site. Over the last year or so, we've been slowing changing from website to blog as my health wouldn't allow me to spend 40 hours a month updating the website. I have gradually been withdrawing the management and leaving more and more to my co-owner Gina. Well today I sent out the notification that I am stepping down entirely and just going back to reviewing. Now I can sit, read and not feel guilty.

Now I just have to remember that I can't do it all and not get myself volunteered. Of course, I still have my fingers in many pies as I am the webmaster for another volunteer organization what is just now putting up a website. I will share that URL when it is actually live. I also still edit books for Red Rose Publishing and I have started to review teas for TeaViews. I think that should be enough to keep my busy and when not, my beads are calling my name.



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