Jul 23, 2009

Eye Before the Storm

Today is my last day of peace and quiet as this evening about 8:00 my DH's kids will be swarming us. I have to admit that they are bad kids, both boys aged 12 & 15, but I don't have kids for a reason. They are noisy and oh so active. It is rather hard to get my downtime with them around. Though it does cause me to have a whole new appreciation for mothers and I really wonder just how they make it to work on time.

They will be here for 2 weeks and I sure hope that we survive it. Since both myself and DH are either quitting or trying to quit smoking we have been snapping at each other. Adding the kids into the mix might prove combustible. But if we survive we can survive anything.

I started to teach myself how to use a bead loom last night. Slow going but I love watching the picture develop! It keeps my hands busy and I can do it while watching TV. Speaking of TV, I have discovered a new show in Syfy that I love. Warehouse 13. A paranormal cop show. Well worth watching.

Well I had better get back to work. Wish me luck!



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