Jul 16, 2009

It's a Fiesta!

I love color and I need new dishes. I admit that I have been drolling over the colors of Fiesta Ware and have been coveting some of my own. The only problem is the cost. I just couldn't justify spending over a hundred for a set of everyday dishes. Well I was wandering about Amazon and found a deal on a 20 piece set for only $65. Can you tell that I am excited. Of course the DH when I told him about my find was totally baffled about just why I was excited. The man has no appreciation. Though perhaps if we ever got the house remodeled and a place found for everything that is just stashed where ever, he might aquire one. Hmmm...maybe if I made up a wishlist for birthdays and anniversaries, he might then love my fiesta ware. Who knows. But I am happy :)



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