Aug 29, 2009

A Week Well Done

Ever had a week where you feel like celebrating when it is over? Well that was last week. I did have some good things happen like my first therapeutic massage that didn't hurt in well over three years but for the most part last week just sucked. I can't even pinpoint why. I just felt so draggy that I didn't even manage to make it to the gym last week. I didn't make it this morning either which I feel guilty about as I have been making my saturday water aerobics class regular as clockwork.

I did manage to find a new addiction though. I love Hulu. I watched all of Fringe and just started on Lost. Yes I must be about the only person in existance who has never seen Lost. I just wish that there was some way for me to watch Hulu and work on my jewelry at the same time. So far though I haven't figured it out yet as I only have 1 lap.

Here's to a better next week!

Aug 21, 2009

Pain Contracts

I went in to see my new doctor yesterday. I liked her because it seems that she is willing to work with me on my fibro. She is also up on the new drugs and advised me that a couple of the drugs that my previous doctor had prescribed really have to be watched as working together in high enough levels could be deadly. Not at all sure why Dr. Larson didn't catch that as he was the one that set me up both.

One thing that baffles me though is their pain contracts. To be prescribed pain pills for a chronic condition, I have to sign a contract agreeing to only get my drugs thru her and to have random drug tests. I don't have a problem meeting the conditions but why are they asking for this. It seems to me that insurance companies wouldn't like to be paying for these drug tests, and it is an invasion of privacy. It basically says that you as the patient need to trust your doctor but they don't trust you. Isn't trust supposed to be a two way street?

Aug 16, 2009

Whatta Week

I think that I have officially gone around the bend. This last week was insane and I am paying for it today. I haven't done any overtime since we had a last shift bid a couple months ago. Before that I would pick up a few hours every week. Well I am still trying to recover from being traded to another department for a few months as I work in a commission job and to make any money I must have sales in the pipeline. Our commission is also paid out a week behind. So my commission paycheck this month will be rather small as last month I was still in the other department. So to ensure that I have enough money to pay both the car payment and the mortgage, I worked some overtime last week. Fifteen hours worth to be exact. I am discovering that while the Savella gives me more energy, it isn't limitless and I do have to pay for it. So today, which is my only day off, I have been listless and exhausted. That doesn't make me insane. But the fact that I intend to do this to myself next week also does.

I did have an enjoyable evening last night. I attended the Fire Buffs meeting and then went to work friend's housewarming. I don't really associate with the people at work after hours and I don't know why. Guess that I am a hermit at heart but it has started to get to me a little as it would be nice to have a girlfriend that I can chat with. Well anyways, I attended this party. Most of the people were more then tipsy as I did show up late due to my meeting. But it was a good party. I knew almost everyone there so my shyness didn't kick in and the best part was that one of the women at work, Cassie, that used to sit by me and I used to chat with invited me to attend their monthly ladies night out. It is the third Saturday of every month. I am looking forward to getting together with them next month and letting my hair down.

And now onto my gym update.... I didn't attend as much as I would have liked as I discovered that getting up early in the morning to go in and then working a 11 1/2 hour day just doesn't work for me. But I did manage to make it in twice to lift weights and once for a water aerobics class. I plan on heading there tomorrow night after work also as I get to sleep in on Tuesdays. That way I will have at least lifted weights 3 times before I meet with my trainer on Tuesday. I didn't lose any weight this week but I did manage to fit into a pair of jeans that have never fit! Why did I buy them if they never fit you ask. Well I liked them and at the time I was losing weight. The only problem was that my weight stabilized one size larger then those jeans. Well they fit now..a little tight but comfortable! Definitely shows that I am on the right track.

Aug 14, 2009


Well I found a new doctor and have an appointment on the 20th. Finding one was surprisingly easy this time around. Perhaps because I had too?? What irritated me was the receptionist. I called in asking if their clinic was accepting new patients and the first words out of her mouth was to ask if I have a chronic condition requiring pain pills. When I replied yes, that I have fibro, I was then advised that they couldn't take me a patient. I asked her if tramadol was considered a narcotic. She then put me on hold for 5 minutes to find out. I was then advised that they could accept me.

I was rather highly offended by this but decided to make the appointment and see how I like the doctor. But it did make me wonder just how people that are in chronic pain and need stronger medication would go about finding a new doctor. Why are they discriminated against? You would think that the doctor would consider it to be job security.

Aug 13, 2009

Just what is bread??

I am on a kick to improve my health. I joined a gym and am trying to eat better. Thru my health insurance, they have this little doodad that encourages a person to become healthier and one of the questions it asked was if I eat 8-10 servings to breads a day. To say that I was in shock would be an understatement. To me bread has always been evil. It's how one gets up to 200 lbs. And now they want me to eat 8 to 10 servings a day. There is something wrong with this picture.

I did a little bit further research and discovered that I don't actually need to eat 8-10 servings. I just need to worry about getting 7 1/2 ounces of grains a day. And I do actually include some of them in my diet such as rice and pretzels. What I do need to do is increase the amount of whole grains in my diet. Hmm..well I do like brown rice and popcorn is even in that category. Suddenly it all becomes doable.

Aug 11, 2009

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Aug 10, 2009
Aug 8, 2009

A Day to Rest??

Oh it would be nice if that was what weekends were actually for. This weekend looks to be busy catching up on one thing after another. Maybe I just need to learn to relax during work days...

I woke up this morning at 8:00 and headed right out to the gym to attend a water aerobics class. I am starting to think that investing in this gym membership is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have already lost 3 pounds since last saturday and I have more energy. Though to be honest, I am not really sure if I have more energy due to exercising or due to the Savella that I am now taking for my fibro. Either way, I feel as though I am starting to get my life back! It is quite exciting.

I did say that I would let you all know how the Savella is working for me. I seem to be bypassing the side effects with the exception of the added energy (which is a good thing in my mind) and my pain levels are decreasing. I am taking about a third of the tramadol that I used to take and according the notes about Savella, it can take up to a couple months for it to reach it's peak effiencancy. I am really glad that my soon to be ex doctor recommended it as a drug to try.

I had mentioned a couple months ago how irritated I was with my doctor and how I wanted to find a new one. I have been really procrastinating on searching up a new one though. But no more. I recieved a letter yesterday stating that Dr Larson would no longer treat me due to me owing him money. Now as to how I owe him money, I an confused about as I have great insurance and I have to pay my co-pays before I even get a chance to see the doctor. Aw a mystery that I will have to get cleared up.

Oh, and what am I doing the rest of the weekend? I will be neck deep in edits on a book that should have already hit the markets but it needed a total rewrite. Now I have to rush to get it finished.

I hope that everyone has a great weekend!

Aug 2, 2009

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Good luck and blessings!
Aug 1, 2009

Here's To Health

As I have mentioned, I am in the process of quitting smoking. I haven't yet succeeded all the way but I have gone from a pack a day to a pack a week so I feel that I am making progress. I haven't noticed a change in the wind but then I never really had a problem with running out of breath. What is nice is the money that we are saving. When both myself and my husband were smoking, we were spending about $200 a month since the taxes were increased this last time. That is why we finally decided to quit.

Today we went a joined a gym just a couple miles from the house. They have some great classes that we can take at no additional charge which is nice. Though I think those will be more to DH's benefit as most of them are held when I am still at work. But they do have a nice pool and a woman's only workout room which I plan on taking advantage of. Best of all, they have showers!! This might not seem that important but the plumbing in our house is so messed up that we haven't had a shower since we moved in here 5 years ago. I can also see my water bills dropping as we won't have to run 2 baths a day. I weighed myself on the scale in the locker room and I am at 152.2 pounds. I will have to see where I am a month from now. Wish me luck. I would be extremely happy if I could get down to 135.

On the fibro front, I started taking a new drug that was approved for fibro in June. It is called Savella. I only started taking it a couple days ago so I am not sure just how it will work out but I can say that I have a lot more energy then I did. Maybe I will be able to get up early enough to go to the gym before work. I will have to let you all know how that works out.

On another unrelated topic.... our heat wave finally broke. It is pretty bad when 80 degree days feel cool. I am just not designed for a 100 degree days when humidity is up around 50%. Oh and we (myself and DH) haven't killed each other yet. We are dealing well with the added stress of the kids. And they are supposedly leaving next week. Well I will chat with you all later.