Sep 17, 2009

Changing Seasons

I don't know that it is about this time of year, but it seems to invite quiet contemplation. Everything seems to want to slow down. I can't even say that the weather is a cause because up here in Washington, the weather is still see sawing. One day will be in the eighties and the next in the fifties. I have also noticed that this change seems to effect me more as time goes on. Ten years ago, I didn't really notice the change of seasons at all. Especially when I leave in a area that where the leaves don't change. Now... well rather then wanting to go play with the dogs, I am more apt to curl up with a good book and a better cup of tea. Has anyone else noticed that the change of seasons seem to effect you more the older that you get?

Speaking of tea. I sampled an excellent one yesterday from Teas Etc. If you are looking for an online tea vendor to wander thru be sure to check them out.



  1. Probably you are right one does tend to be more lethargic as we grow older..maybe its the bones creaking or simply the mind just wants to rest.. :)

  2. I know that I have certainly learned to conserve my energy. I sure wonder at times just what happened to all the energy that I had as a teenager.


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