Sep 6, 2009

Down Time

I feel like jumping for joy or something along those lines to celebrate the start of my weekend. But all of that just takes far too much energy. I did survive last week which deserves something as it was the week from hell. Now only was I suffering thru what I thought was withdrawals from my sleeping pills ( now I am not so sure because my supervisor at work is suffering the same symptoms which leads me to believe that it was some sort of strange flu) but I managed to work 56 hours last week. That to me is quite an accomplishment as a lot of weeks managing my 40 hours is a real stretch.

I have a rather strange weekend as I did go in yesterday and put in 5 hours overtime. But I still have a three day weekend as I am not due back to work until Wednesday. I can go in on Tuesday and put in some OT but at this point I am not sure if I will. I know that I should as to get back on our feet, I need as much OT as possible. It is time like this that I really wish that DH had a real job so he could cover us. But the fact is that I am the main breadwinner. It has it's advantages in that he doesn't ask me where I got the money that I spend on beads but it has real downsides. This experience has pointed out the fact that I can't really choose to transfer to another department. The whole reason that we are in the hole right now is that I was lent to another department for two months and the commission that I make in Sales is the difference between having play money and scrambling to even pay bills.

But anyways.... I plan for at least the next couple days to relax and recoup. The only thing that I need to do is work on the Firebuff's website and that is enjoyable work. Other then that, it is playing on Facebook and watching Lost on Hulu. I really need to figure out a way to watch Hulu and work on my jewelry. Every other time I am watching TV I am also busy working on beading or crocheting. And there are some necklaces that I really need to get done. I had originally planned on starting a business with my jewelry but I am just not that productive. I do have some beauiful jewelry made... Perhaps when I retire.

Gym update: Yes I did manage to drag myself out of bed and make it to the gym yesterday. My saturdays do seem to go better when I start them out with a water aerobics class which kinda surprises me. Before starting to do so, sleeping in on weekends was precious to me. But I seem to have more energy if I expend energy first thing in the morning. I really wish that they had classes I could take before work during the week. Anyways, I was right and my lack of eating last week did reflect on the scale and I am down to 146.4 pounds. Only 16 more to go!

Have a great holiday weekend!



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