Oct 3, 2009

Why oh why

About a month ago, I had a filling fall out of one of my molars. For the first week or so, I didn't have any pain at all. Then I progressed to Orajel. It worked for awhile but not all the time. I had a night a little over a week ago where I was in so much pain that I thought I was going insane. And then last Saturday when we went up to Seattle to celebrate my DH's birthday, the toothache hard. Looking back, the look on my husband's face when I demanded a shot of Jack was priceless. You see, I very rarely drink and when I do it is usually a fufu drink. And then the toothache hit again last night. And I am finally able to do something about as my sick leave reset for the year on the 1st.

I don't have a dentist, or at least I didn't, so I called up one that my girlfriend recommended to me. I ended up having to have a tooth pulled so now I have a swollen jaw and a pain that the pills can't seem to attack. I know that it will all be better in a couple days though.

Long background story just to get around to a question that has always puzzled me. Why would someone want to be a dentist? I don't know of anyone that likes going to see the dentist. It has to be the most hated profession in the medical community. And certainly the most feared one. One answer I have been given to my query is that it is for the money. But dentists don't make as much as a MD so that can't be the answer. Why do you think they do it?



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