Dec 6, 2009


I have declared a today to be a day just to relax. This week was just too busy with me putting in 50 hours and I am looking to do the same next week. DH had to go to work today at 2:30 and he had a strange look on his face as I haven't even gotten dressed today. I had to laugh at him as I had taken a shower before he even woke up and put on fresh pajama bottoms and all. He doesn't think anything of relaxing all day in a pair of sweats so what is the difference?

So have you ever declared a day just for relaxing? How did your family react?



  1. Saturday is usually my day for relaxing because I should be cleaning but I procrastinate and never do it on Saturday. :)
    Everybody deserves a day!

  2. This is the time of year when I do just that -- a lot! My shows are done, orders are slowing down, and I can just collapse with some knitting and blob out. Fortunately, my family is very supportive!

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  4. I always wonder just why we scheduled the holidays during a season that our bodies just want to slow down and reflect.


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