Dec 19, 2009

Shadow Queen by Anne Bishop

It's no secret to anyone that knows me that I am usually found with a book in hand (or in ear if I am listening to audible version) and I used to actually run a book review site.  Well I am no longer running that site but I still have my vry definite opinions on the books I read so I decided to get them out here and hopefully they will help someone out when they are looking for that perfect book.

I just got done listening to The Shadow Queen by Anne Bishop and it is first class all the way.  I haven't cared for Ms. Bishop's other series  but any time she puts her pen to the Dark Jewel worldscape is pure magic!

After Janelle cleansed the Blood, there were very few Queens left in Shalador.  So the Warlord Princes have decided to ask for a Queen from the Shadow Realm.  Cassidy isn't quite what they expected but is exactly what they need.

I highly recommend this book to any lovers of the Dark Jewels!  Not only does it bring forth new characters that are very interesting but we get to see more of Jaenelle, Daemon and Saetan.

Oh just to cover myself, I should let folks know that I did purchase this book thru Audible and I wasn't paid for this review.



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