Dec 27, 2009

Taste Sensation

Just sitting here watching or tryihg to watch a John Cusac film, War Inc, which isn't really keeping my attention.  Not one of his best ones but my husband loves his movies.

Prior to attempting to watch this movie, I brewed up a cup of tea.  This is a tea that was gifted to me by a swap partner.  It is Dr Teas Lychee & Cantaloupe White Tea.  I have never tried a tea from this company but that is about to change.  After steeping a teaspoon in water that has been allowed to cool for a couple minutes, I am blessed with a liquor that is very pale greenish yellow.  The aroma is lightly tinged with the scent of ripe cantelopes. 

The taste...well the taste is to die for.  I wasn't expecting a tea that so perfectly mimics the taste of slice of summer.  The mouthfeel is even one of drinking fresh cantalope juice.  Just incredible.  I very highly recommend this tea to anyone that loves melons!

Here is a link to the tea.



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