Jan 15, 2010

The Cost of Sight

I went out on Tuesday to get new glasses.  Mine were pretty much shot as the prescription is almost 10 years old.  Yeah I am a procrastinator at times.  What finally drove me to getting new ones was the fact that every time I tried to work on my jewelry I was getting headaches.  A hobby that I enjoy and use to relax was causing pain.  Just not acceptable.

So anyways, I went out and got a new prescription.  Went to Target Optical and was really pleased with how I was treated.  Never felt rushed which was a nice feeling.  What wasn't so nice was learning that I now need to get bifocals.  Yeah I am getting old.  At least with the advances in technology, no one will be able to tell since I went with one of the new ones that isn't lined. 

What shocked me was that the cost of the lenses were over $650!  That didn't include the cost of the frames either.  Thank goodness, I have good vision insurance.  I ended up paying only $150 for the full set.  But it does cause me to wonder just what people without insurance would do?  Especially when you consider that a lot of people that don't have insurance also don't have good paying jobs.  So are they expected to just wander around in a fog?  This visit really makes me more determined that universal health care is the way to go.  Especially if it includes vision care.


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