Jan 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone had a happy and safe New Year's Eve.  Myself and my dh just stayed home.  And I can tell that I am getting old as I was curled up in my chair by 10.  I had hubby wake me up right before midnight.

Today was a good day.  We went out to lunch at Applebees.  I had myself a nice steak for lunch and hubby had some sandwich.  We then we out and saw Avatar.  This movie was awesome!  I highly recommend it to anyone and we didn't even get to see the 3D version because I messed up when I ordered the tickets thru Fandango.  I don't think that I have ever seen a better sci-fi movie! I rate it 10/10 stars!

Resolutions for this year.  Well I don't really tend to make them as I tend to be too scattered. Maybe if I call them goals, I will have a better shot of hitting them.

One that I do plan to aim for is posting more to my blog.  I might post a review, a rant or just an update on my life.  Last year, I started my blog in May and I had 74 posts.  This year, I would like to hit at least 200. 

Another one that I really plan to work on is my jewelry & braiding.  I am planning on going in this month to get new glasses so I won't have any excuse not to work on crafts.  Then I need to get some good pics of them up so that I can sell them.  I don't even need to come out ahead but it would be nice to recoup some of the money I have in supplies.  Then I could justify buying more!

Healthwise, I plan on finding myself a new doctor that I can work with.  Yeah, I still don't have one and this is beyond ridiculous considering that I have good insurance and a documented chronic condition.  So I need to get this fixed.

This last one isn't so much a goal as a plan.  We plan on finding another house.  I have no proof but I think that this one might be effecting our health.  Both myself and my hubby starting having body aches and pains soon after we moved in here.  Mine are perhaps explained by my fibro but we haven't found and explanation for his.  Besides this house needs far too much work that we are not physically able to do.  So hopefully we can find a new home in better condition.  It's not like we can't afford  it.

So what goals or plans do you have for this new year and decade?



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