Jan 24, 2010

More Kid Pics

Now as most of you already know, I don't have human children.  But I do consider my animals to be kids.  I don't want them to be human but they are my furkids.  Now my DH managed to get a couple good pics of my laptop Bella that I wanted to share.  I call her my laptop because that is where she is all the time.  She even curls up under my laptop computer so that she can be warm and close. :)

Bella Boo & BeiJing

Boo and my Pomeranian Devil Kharma


  1. What, no cat pics? LOL!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Take care,
    Teresa aka Tess

  2. Oh I have cat pics too :) One of my cats is quite the ham. I will have to see about getting some up in the next couple days

  3. Hi there, you have some very cute furkids! :0) Thanks for your visit it was very nice to 'meet' you!! :0)


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