Jan 8, 2010

Where did all energy go??

Just why is it that children have all the energy?  I mean, it doesn't even make sense in terms of survival of the species when you consider that quiet, still children are easier to hide and keep safe.  And isn't it the adults that have to gather the fruits and vegetables and bring home the catfood?  I mean seriously, what is up with this??

Okay rant over.... at least for a moment.  I am just tired as I have been working 12+ hour days since Tuesday.  I sure could use some that energy that all kids have.  I just keep saying to myself that we need the money for a new house.  DH is actually out looking at some now, checking to see if any are worth a second look.   Hopefully we will find our perfect home.  I really want to set up a studio, especially now that I am getting new glasses so that I can see again.

So how is everyone's day?  Any big plans for the weekend?


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