Mar 11, 2010

Review: Blood Magic

I certainly go through phases.  There are times when I am just devouring paperbooks and there are others when I am engrossed in my audiobooks and podcasts.  I am back on paper and have this review and another to get up this week.

As Lily and Rule go ahead with their wedding plans, there is tension within the Clan about it.  There is also tension breaking loose in the form of violent crimes and riots in San Diego that have nothing to do with them.  Or does it?  When an old enemy of Lily's bloodline shows up, they have no choice but to deal with her before the whole world pays.

I fell in love with Ms. Wilk's world from her very first book TEMPTING DANGER and I have never looked back.  There haven't been any relationship woes were I am just trying to get through a book in hopes that the next is better.  Every book is better then the last!  I love watching Lily and Rule grow and change.  They were complete within themselves but together they are dynamite.  Ms. Wilks also has an outstanding group of secondary characters that sometimes still the show and then gracefully give it back.  I highly recommend this latest addition to the series and give it rating of 4 out of 5.


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